Mitcham Cluster Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

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Format & Rules 

1. Ball carriers can run or dodge potential taggers but cannot fend off, guard or shield their tags.

2. Players are permitted to spin away from a defender, but are NOT permitted to continuously spin.

3. The game will commence with a Play-the-Ball, centre field.

4. Play-the-Ball:

• The ball carrier must return to the spot where the tag occurred.

• Facing the way they are playing, the player places the ball on the ground and rolls the ball back with their foot to a team mate.

Mitcham Cluster KS2 Handball Festival

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This is a festival, this is not a pathway event 

Format and Rules

· 6 people playing at a time.

· No use of the feet unless you are in goal.

· Players cannot hit the ball out of another players' hands.

· Only the goal keepers are allowed in the ‘D’ area.

· Defenders are allowed to make frontal body contact with an attacker however they are not allowed to pull/push/jump into them.

· Attackers can break through the defence however they are not allowed to charge into a defender.


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