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Format & Preparation

· Each child competes in: 1 track event + 1 field event + 1 relay.

· Two boys and two girls in each year will compete in:

           - 400m + Standing Long Jump + Relay

           - 70m + Vortex Howler Throw + Relay

· 4 x 50m Relays (Year 3 boys, Year 3 girls, Year 4 boys and Year 4 girls).

· Children will earn points by the position they come in. A & B races will be scored separately. 

· All points earned by the children will be added up to produce a school overall winner.

· Standing Long Jump: two-footed jump from a standing start at a designated take-off point, measured from the rearmost point of contact. Each athlete gets three attempts.

· Vortex Howler Throw: standing position or a run up, over arm throw, straight or bent arm. Each athlete gets three attempts.