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Unfortunately due to the current situation, The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, which would normally be taking place from Monday 29 June - Sunday 12 July has been cancelled. 

MSSP have developed a Primary Schools Wimbledon Championships Tennis Challenge Week for your children and pupils to participate in which will run from Monday 29 June – Friday 3 July. 

There are 5 activities for you to try at home or in school that can be found at http://www.mertonssp.org.uk/competitions/enter-our-competitions 

Please follow the instructions and video demonstration video below to help you set up and record the activity. 

Once your child has practised the activity they can record their best score using the entry form at the bottom of the page. You have until 6pm on Friday 3 July to submit your score.

If your adults would like to, they can also share your efforts on twitter by tagging us @mertonssp using the hashtags #homepewithmssp #WimbledonRecreated

Complete the challenge. Submit your score. Share your efforts.

For this challenge you’ll need a tennis ball or sock ball and a racket or another flat surfaced object such as a hard book that can be used as a racket to hit the ball.

You’ll also need socks to create a target circle on the floor. Ask an adult to help you measure a 1 metre circumference for the target. Place more socks 1 metre, 3 metres and 5 metres away from the target. These are your starting points.

The aim of this challenge is to take 3 attempts from each distance to strike the ball with your racket into the target circle. The ball only has to bounce in or pass through the target to score. Each distance is equal to the amount of points for that hit. 1 point for 1m hits, 3 points for 3m hits and 5 points for 5m hits. Record your scores after taking 3 shots from each distance. The total score available is 27 points. How many points can you score during Target Time?

The clock is stopped when they recross the start line.  Please watch the demonstration video below.


To submit your entry please complete the details at the bottom of the page following the example below.

Full Name (please only enter the initials of the child taking part)


Phone Number (This should only be an adults contact number. Please do not provide any childrens personal contact details. If you do not wish to enter your phone number please enter 0)


Email address (This should only be an adults contact email address. Please do not provide any childrens personal contact details. We will only use this to contact you regarding participation in the event if necessary)


Your School (please select the Merton school your child attends from the drop down list)

Harris Academy Morden

Entries (please only select 1. If you have more than 1 child entering you will need to submit their entry seperately)


Comments (please enter the year group/class, gender and score for your child)

Year 4/A, Female, 20.18 secs

Once you have completed the information select Enter My School


Thank you for entering this event, please consider the following information

Be safe…

If you have a really good idea you can pass this onto your school via email or you could ask your adult if you can post this on twitter.

Parents and Carers – You may like to check out your school’s internet safety advice to help you when talking to your children about online safety:

Please Remember:

  • Never give your childs personal details over social media/internet – for example name, age, home address, email or phone number. Anyone in the world may have access to this.
  • Anything you post will be there forever for anyone to see.
  • Will you be happy with this in ten years’ time?
  • Make sure you keep things positive and avoid making anything personal about other people.
  • Your parent or carer MUST give permission and manage the content being uploaded.

For more detailed advice please see:

NSPCC's online safety pages and Childline's online and mobile safety.

All this and more about online safety and social media can be found via the CPSU link:

Child Protection in Sport Unit - Online Safety

Not from a Merton school?

If you aren’t from a Merton school no problem, you can still do the activities, submit your score and post your photos and videos on our twitter feed. Your own school might even like to set a challenge and competition for you. Ask them to get in touch with us if they’d like more info.

General Data Protection Regulations

MSSP will not collect or retain any individual child responses or data. Your email will only be used to communicate with you regards to entry to the event. Following completion of the event, any email or data provided will be removed within 7 days.

Merton School Sport Partnership (MSSP) – Activity Liability Disclaimer

By undertaking the activities produced by MSSP or by other bodies that MSSP has provided a link to, you agree that the replication of anything seen is done so entirely at your own risk.

In the planning and production of our Home PE Activity Video’s as well as any other physical challenges listed on our website and newsletter content, MSSP has endeavoured to meet current health and safety guidelines. However parental/primary caregiver permission must be given to a child before they commence any of these activities. This includes the use of different household items or sporting equipment within an activity, as well as the suitability of space that they are active in.

MSSP also reserves the right to remove any information or material on the Website without warning, and without prejudice to any other accrued rights, and/or make available such information or material when required to do so by law or when requested to do so by regulatory bodies or law enforcement organisations.