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Year 3 & 4




Year 6 & 5

Race 1 — Year 3 Girls

Race 1— Year 6 Girls

Race 2 — Year 3 Boys

Race 2 — Year 6 Boys

Race 3 — Year 4 Girls

Race 3 — Year 5 Girls

Race 4 — Year 4 Boys

Race 4 — Year 5 Boys











Competition Format

  • Athletes will race in their own year group.


 •   Team Medals (Yr6 Boys & Girls): Trophy : 1st place.

  • Individual Medals (for each race): GOLD: 1st place. SILVER: 2nd place. BRONZE: 3rd place.

  • 1st - 10th placings certificates.
  • MSSP Participation Certificates will be presented to all runners.

Kit & Equipment

  • Players of the same team should wear the same colour tops/bibs. No jewellery etc.
  • All children must wear appropriate footwear. No spikes or studded footwear allowed.


  • Children will complete two laps of the running course (approximate total distance = 1500m).


  • Results and event report will be available on the news webpage within 24 hours of the event ending.

Winner's Pathway

  • There is no pathway event.

Photo Consent

Photographs will be taken at this event by staff members from MSSP and may be used for promotional material. If you have any children that do not have permission to be photographed, please inform a member of staff before the start of the event.

Social Media

For information and updates from our events please follow and use the platforms below.


First Aid

MSSP will have a basic first aid kit and qualified person at all events but staff may not be available to tend to less urgent first aid if they are preoccupied delivering the event. It is important that schools also provide their own first aid kit and qualified person to tend to their children at our events. As part of the school’s risk assessment a qualified first aider should also be with the travelling group to and from any events.

Safeguarding and DBS

All MSSP staff at the event are fully vetted and enhanced DBS checked. It is the schools’ responsibility to ensure any staff and volunteers who attend the event comply with the host venue safeguarding and welfare policy and can provide documentation to support this on request.

Spectators will not be permitted entry to school facilities and should be informed of this when letters are sent to parents. In order to safeguard children at our events, we will only allow entry to parents if they have been DBS checked and authorised to attend by your school who will maintain responsibility for them at all times. At public sites such as parks we will section off an area for the public where parents that are not with the school party may spectate from.


MSSP values the contributions by all those involved in making our events a safe, enjoyable environment for children to take part in sport. To ensure our events continue to be successful we promote our REF-SPECT campaign. We expect everyone attending our events to maintain respect for the rules, officials, opponents, teammates and themselves. Only designated staff and volunteers will be allowed on the side-lines. All spectators are to remain behind the barriers, providing positive support and encouraging a fun and fair event.

For more information about REF-SPECT please click here.