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Format & Rules 

1. Ball carriers can run or dodge potential taggers but cannot fend off, guard or shield their tags.

2. Players are permitted to spin away from a defender, but are NOT permitted to continuously spin.

3. The game will commence with a Play-the-Ball, centre field.

4. Play-the-Ball:

• The ball carrier must return to the spot where the tag occurred.

• Facing the way they are playing, the player places the ball on the ground and rolls the ball back with their foot to a team mate.

• The team mate who gathers the ball from this position (called the Dummy half) must pass the ball from the Play-the-Ball and should not run forwards. They are able to take steps laterally to assist with passing. You cannot score from a Dummy Half. N.B Any player can be the Dummy Half and the player at Dummy Half could change at every Play-the-Ball.

5. Defence must maintain a distance of 5 metres until the Dummy Half passes the ball and must retreat 5 metres after each tag. 

6. The team in possession has the ball for a total of six tags regardless of errors.

7. If a try has not been scored after 6 tags, possession turns over to the defending team at the point of the last tag.

8. Any acts of unsporting behaviour will result in a handover to the non-offending team at the place where the incident occurred and play restarted with a Play-the-Ball. 

9. Tagging:

• Only the player in possession of the ball can be tagged.

• A tag is simply the removal by a defender of one of two of the ribbons from the ball carrier.

• When a defender has removed the tag, he/she stands still at the point at which the tag was removed.

• The attacker returns to where the defender is holding the tag and restarts the game by 'playing the ball' backwards in the correct manner. Immediately following the 'Play-the-Ball', the defender must present the tag back to the tagged player. Neither the defender nor the tagged player can take any further part in the game without both tags properly in place on their belts.

10. Scoring a Try:

• A try is scored in the normal way by placing or touching the ball down on or over your opponents' try line.

• If tagged in the act of scoring the try will stand.

• After a try has been scored the non scoring team will restart with a Play-the-Ball, centre field on the half way line. All other starts and restarts will also be with a Play-the-Ball whatever the situation.

11. There will be no kicking allowed.

Photo Consent

Photographs will be taken at this event by staff members from MSSP and may be used for promotional material. If you have any children that do not have permission to be photographed, please inform a member of staff before the start of the event.

First Aid 

MSSP will have a basic first aid kit and qualified person at all events but staff may not be available to tend to less urgent first aid if they are preoccupied delivering the event. It is important that schools also provide their own first aid kit and qualified person to tend to their children at our events. As part of the school’s risk assessment a qualified first aider should also be with the travelling group to and from any events.


All MSSP staff at the event are enhanced DBS checked. It is the schools responsibility to ensure any staff and volunteers who attend the event comply with the host venue safeguarding and welfare policy and can provide documentation to support this on request.


MSSP values the contributions by all those involved in making our events a safe, enjoyable environment for children to take part in sport. To ensure our events continue to be successful we are launching our REF-SPECT campaign. We expect everyone attending our events to maintain respect for the rules, officials, opponents, teammates and themselves. For more information about REF-SPECT please click here.

Winner's Pathway

The first 4 schools from each cluster event will progress to the Borough Finals. This will take place at Tooting and Mitcham Football Club on Friday 2 March 2018.

The winner of the Borough Finals will represent Merton at the London Youth Game. This will take place at Crystal Palace Sport Centre on Thursday 22 March 2018.

You can follow this event on Twitter @MertonSSP