Links Frinton Road London SW17 9EH

Phone number

020 8769 4587

Links Primary School is a large, three storey building which is nearly one hundred years old. It has a warm and welcoming atmosphere which children, parents and staff enjoy. The school is situated on the very edge of the London Borough of Merton and some of our pupils live in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It is our aim at Links to provide an educational style, which allows people space to develop as individuals whether a child, parent or member of staff. The supportive framework of the school enables the establishment of a hard working, unified and enthusiastic team. We place equal value on all pupils, regardless of colour, nationality, physical or mental ability, religion or gender, and we value the experiences that all our children bring with them to the school. We aim to provide for each child the experience of success, for without success they will never learn to overcome failure. We hope to enable each child to become as competent and creative as they are capable of, in every aspect of their life and at all stages of growth.