Mitcham Cluster KS2 Handball Festival

The Mitcham Cluster Handball Festival took place on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at St Mark’s CofE Academy. Five schools from the cluster attended the day: Bond, Gorringe Park, Links, St Thomas of Canterbury and William Morris. Due to only having five schools competing, a round robin format was used with each school playing each other twice.

Schools arrived early and were ready and raring to play some fantastic handball. This was our first participation event of the year which meant no scores were being recorded and the main focus was on enjoyment and participation.

Mitcham Cluster KS2 Handball Festival

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This is a festival, this is not a pathway event 

Format and Rules

· 6 people playing at a time.

· No use of the feet unless you are in goal.

· Players cannot hit the ball out of another players' hands.

· Only the goal keepers are allowed in the ‘D’ area.

· Defenders are allowed to make frontal body contact with an attacker however they are not allowed to pull/push/jump into them.

· Attackers can break through the defence however they are not allowed to charge into a defender.

Morden Cluster Year 3/4 Quad Kids Athletics Tournament

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Format & Preparation

  • Each child competes in: 1 track event + 1 field event + 1 relay.

  • Two boys and two girls in each year will compete in:

    - 400m + Standing Long Jump + Relay

    - 70m + Vortex Howler Throw + Relay

  • 4 x 50m Relays (Year 3 boys, Year 3 girls, Year 4 boys and Year 4 girls).

  • Children will earn points for their performances in all of the events.


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