Aquatics festival with Octopus

Over 140 children represented their schools as they took part in an exciting plethora of water based races and challenges. On top of that they worked with children from other schools to develop their team building ability with fun games out on the field.

The participants had all been a part of the ‘Merton Top Up Swimming Programme’ funded by the Wimbledon Foundation and delivered across this academic year. They had received 11 sessions on a daily basis at Canons Pool, Mitcham to help progress their confidence and ability in the water. Teachers and children have hailed the programme as a huge success with progress being exceptional for their students who, when they started, were unable to swim 25m and the majority of them felt very nervous about being in the water.

The school teachers were so impressed to see the children having such fun in the water and being so confident, diving down to collect treasure and racing across the pool on rafts.

Schools attended: Malmesbury, Links, SS Peter and Paul, St Thomas, Gorringe Park, Haslemere and Liberty.

We would like to then the Wimbledon Foundation for this fantastic opportunity which has made such a difference to so many local children. They have now learnt a skill which will not only help to keep them healthy and fit but will also keep them safe.

Many thanks also go to GLL Better Swim School staff who worked with Merton SSP to deliver this programme and coordinate the water based activities at the festival.

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