The Merton SSP KS2 (Year 3-6) Challenge Run took place at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground on the morning and afternoon of Friday 22nd March 2019. This year’s event was greeted with another fantastic turn out with 29 schools from across the Borough of Merton taking part and the majority of schools bringing all year 3, 4, 5 and 6 teams. This meant that up to 200 children competed in each of the 8 races during the day with an approximate total of 1500 children participated the challenge overall. While it was evident that the majority of children’s motivation to compete was to test themselves on the energy sapping two lap circuit, there were those individuals however who were looking to win their race an attain pole position.

A special mention must be given to our 6 wonderful year 8 sports leaders from Raynes Park High School for helping with set up and marshalling for the event. A huge thanks to the incredible staff at Links Primary School for arranging, supplying and recording the results for each race in order for placing awards to be distributed. Thanks also to all spectating children and the large crowd of on looking parents and teachers. Together, everyone helped to create an electrifying atmosphere for all of the racers.

Placings were distributed to the top 10 racers with a special team award for the two year 6 races and the results were as follows:



The Year 6 team event award was successfully defended from 2018 by the Bishop Gilpin boys as they were crowned 2019 champions for the second successive year, whilst Hollymount claimed gold for the year 6 girls. Well done to both schools!

Our REFSPECT winners for the Year 3 and 4 morning races were St. John Fisher. There was a tie for the votes in the year 5 and 6 afternoon races with both Singlegate and Merton Park earning the joint award. Thank you to these three teams and to all schools for their wonderful cheering, support and sportsmanship during the event!

Congratulations to every child who took part in the races today. Your effort, determination and high spirit throughout made it an inspiring occasion – well done and thank you to all!

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