The Merton SSP Year 5 and 6 Morden/Mitcham rounders competition took place on Friday 28th June 2019 at the Mitcham Green Cricket Club accompanied by the near perfect weather conditions for the event.

The highly anticipated sunshine came out to play along with a cool breeze to help our 7 teams in attendance enjoy the round robin format for the day.

21 fixtures took place over 3 pitches on the lush green cricket fields in central Mitcham with schools represented from three Merton clusters in Bond, Cranmer, Hatfield, Links, Malmesbury, Singlegate and William Morris.

Each team played the other 6 across the morning and afternoon sessions with a batting innings that was made up of 16 deliveries to score as many half and full rounders as possible and without losing too many batters. Also, a fielding innings with the aim of trying to reduce rounders scored by strategically stumping the bases and trying not to give away no balls that would lead to conceding rounders.

Matches started at a steady pace with most teams being cautious, getting used to the atmosphere of the tournament and building confidence when striking and fielding. But teams soon warmed up and not only due to the heat - Cranmer hitting the highest rounders rate for a single innings across the entire day early on with a huge 8 ½ scored. Links and Bond were also participants in a low scoring but thrilling battle with only 1 rounder the difference in a 1 ½ - 0 ½ score line.

Links were unfortunate to be on the end of two ½ rounder defeats but showed great resilience to come back a win their final fixture with a high score of 7 ½ over Cranmer. Singlegate picked up a decent victory over Hatfield, who themselves had a positive run of results with three wins and an impressive rounder total.

It was the match between William Morris and Malmesbury that was the tightest game of the day with both teams accumulating 5 rounders each, in which instance, the game had to be decided by the number of players out in both teams. This led to a win in favour of Malmesbury by way of two less team members out. A great fixture and tense encounter.

With only 3 rounders the difference between 1st and 2nd place, 3rd and 4th place also having to be decided by rounders scored as well as 5th and 6th place too - it is evident just how close the competition was this year. The final results table is as follows:

Congratulations to Malmesbury Primary for being crowned this year’s Mitcham and Morden champions! A huge well done to all schools who competed and a special congratulations to William Morris Primary for being awarded the REFSPECT winners for outstanding sportsmanship and fair play. Many thanks to Mitcham Green Cricket Club for hosting us at their wonderful venue.

We hope you all enjoyed the competition and we wish you a safe and sunny summer!

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