The second ever Mitcham Cluster Dodgeball Competition took place on Thursday 26th May 2016 at Harris Academy Merton. 10 schools from the cluster took place in the competition: Beecholme, Bond, Gorringe Park, Links, Lonesome, St Mark’s, St Thomas of Canterbury, Sherwood, Stanford and William Morris.

The 10 teams were split into two leagues, so all teams in each league would play each other once, with one final match to decide their overall finishing positions.

Group 1 consisted of Beecholme, Gorringe Park, St Thomas of Canterbury, Sherwood and William Morris. The first game saw Beechome play Gorringe Park and St Thomas take on Sherwood. Beecholme took Gorringe Park players by surprise by putting their dodgeball skills straight into action and getting a few of their players out straight away. However, once Gorringe got into the swing of things they managed to fight back with a few catches to get their players back in again. However, Beecholme managed to keep their fast paced and accurate passes going to eventually get all of Gorringe Park’s players out just as the final whistle blew. Finishing the game 1-0 to Beecholme.

Meanwhile, a similar pattern was taking place on the blue pitch as Sherwood went ahead, however, St Thomas were able to fight back to keep the game even. Sherwood’s fierce passes deemed too much for the St Thomas players and Sherwood were able to finish the game 1-0. William Morris were up next and played their first fixture against Gorringe Park. The Gorringe players clearly did not let their first loss phase them as they came back fighting. The game was very tight with some brilliant catches from both teams. Although William Morris worked very well together as a team, Gorringe Park were able to catch them off guard to get some extra hits in and win the game 1-0.

The rest of the games in Group 1 saw Gorringe Park dominate the rest of their fixtures, while Beecholme and Sherwood were not far behind winning, drawing and losing a variety of their matches. St Thomas and William Morris battled it out in the deciding match between themselves to see who would be finishing 4th and 5th in the table.

The results of Group 1 were:

1st Gorringe Park

2nd Sherwood

3rd Beecholme

4th St Thomas of Canterbury

5th William Morris

Group 2 consisted of Bond, Links, Lonesome, St Mark’s and Stanford. The first games saw Bond play Links, and Lonesome take on St Mark’s. Links and Bond played a very close first game with both teams’ players starting the game quite weary and nervous, not wanting to take any risks. However, once they got into the flow of things, both teams threw some excellent shots and made some great catches to keep the opposition on their toes. After getting all their players back in in the last minute, Bond took the win with 6 players to 1.

Meanwhile, Lonesome were facing St Mark’s in their first game. Both teams started with no fear – getting stuck in straight away. Although St Mark’s made some excellent dodges and blocks, Lonesome’s power and accuracy deemed too much for the St Mark’s players as the game finished with Lonesome winning with 6 players to 1.

Stanford faced Links in their first game of the tournament. Although Links were defeated in their first game, they were not deterred by this and played with great determination and team work. However, the Stanford players’ tactical play was impeccable and the timing of their throws led them to great success.  Stanford finished the game taking their first win of the tournament by 1-0.

The results of Group 2 were:

1st Lonesome

2nd St Mark’s

3rd Stanford

4th Bond

5th Links

All teams had one final game to determine where they were going to finish overall. William Morris played Links, St Thomas took on Bond and Beecholme played Stanford in the first round of final games. All matches were played with extremely high energy and spirit as all teams wanted to finish as high up in the table as possible!

The play off for 3rd and 4th position took place between St Mark’s and Sherwood meanwhile the battle for 1st and 2nd places was being played by Lonesome and Gorringe Park. St Mark’s and Sherwood’s game was neck and neck throughout, with both teams throwing some incredibly accurate throws and dodging balls left, right and centre! After 3 minutes it was down to 1 on 1 between both teams, with the crowd and teams going crazy on the side line, it could have been anyone’s game. Both players had to tactically think about all their movements, throws and dodges to avoid being hit, but also ensuring they were attacking the other player. In the end, after a slight lapse in concentration from the St Mark’s player, Sherwood threw an impressive throw to get them out. However, the game was not over – St Mark’s had one minute left to try and come back to even out the game! And they tried will all their might to do so, but Sherwood were able to keep their cool and win the game 1-0.

Meanwhile, the battle for 1st and 2nd position was in full swing. Gorringe Park got off to a flying start with some quick throws to get the Lonesome players out. However, once they got into the flow of things Lonesome found their feet again and stepped up their game. Lonesome’s tactical play meant they got all of Gorringe’s players out with 2 minutes to spare. Although slightly disheartened, Gorringe Park came back fighting but sadly to no avail, Lonesome were on their A game and managed to get the Gorringe players out for a second time just as the final whistle blew.

I would like to say a huge well done to all students who attended the competition. The team spirit, sportsmanship and honesty that was shown throughout was very impressive and made the tournament very enjoyable for all who attended.

Additionally, I would like to say a massive thank you to the Harris Academy Merton sports leaders who umpired the games with great professionalism and enthusiasm, which also added to the brilliant atmosphere during the afternoon.

The final results were as follows:

1st Lonesome

2nd Gorringe Park

3rd Sherwood

4th St Mark’s

5th Beecholme

6th Stanford

7th St Thomas of Canterbury

8th Bond

9th William Morris

10th Links

Well done to Lonesome for winning the competition unbeaten!

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