St Marks Academy hosted the Year 4 Multi Skills Festival which 4 Primary Schools attended: Bond, Links, St Marks and Lonesome. With a combined number of over 200 primary school children and 25 St Marks sports leaders there were a lot of activities to get through!

The children were split into teams of 5-7 and put into groups of 15-20. In their groups they were taken around a 6 station circuit to try out a range of different games, challenges and activities. The sports leaders explained, demonstrated, led and organised their station to the group of children. The children then rotated round to each station.

Both the Primary children and the Secondary Leaders showed great excitement and enthusiasm throughout the whole morning and everyone had a great time! It was clear to see the St Marks Leaders did an exceptional job as all the children left with huge smiles on their faces, high fiving each other on the way out.

Thank you very much to St Marks for hosting and for providing such a brilliant bunch of Sports Leaders. And thank you to the children from Bond, Links, St Marks and Lonesome for being so well behaved throughout the whole event and being a huge credit to your school.

The festival was a great success and we are all looking forward to the next one!

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