The Mitcham Cluster Best Team Football Competition took place on Tuesday 15th November at St Mark’s Academy CofE. All 11 schools from the cluster attended the competition: Beecholme, Bond, Gorringe Park, Harris Merton Primary, Links, Lonesome, St Mark’s, St Thomas of Canterbury, Stanford, Sherwood and William Morris.

As there were eleven teams, they were split into two groups with all teams playing each other in the group stages, before playing one final match to determine their final position. The groups were as follows:

Group 1 consisted of Stanford, Gorringe Park, St Thomas of Canterbury, Bond, William Morris and Harris Primary Merton. The games were played in a great spirit with a huge amount of effort and skill on display from all teams. Gorringe took control of the group early on with some excellent performances and ended the group on ten points after winning three of five of their matches. The rest of the group proved to be very evenly contested and there was a real battle for places. St Thomas of Canterbury beat Bond to secure second place in the group by a goal difference of one. The final group standing was:

1st Gorringe Park
2nd St Thomas of Canterbury
3rd Bond
4th Harris Primary Merton
5th William Morris
6th Stanford

Group 2 had St Mark’s, Sherwood, Links, Lonesome and Beecholme. Lonesome looked strong from the off however Links battled closely for top of the group. Again the games showed some outstanding talent and teamwork. The final group standings were:

1st Lonesome
2nd Links
3rd St Mark’s
4th Sherwood
5th Beecholme

The final round of games was a real contest, with teams playing against the respective side that finished in the same position as them in the other group. Harris Primary Merton secured a 3-1 win against Sherwood after drawing all of their group round fixtures. In the match for first place, Lonesome took on Gorringe Park, both teams defended hard throughout and had some great opportunities to score. However Lonesome pinched a 1-0 win in the last few minutes of the game to claim the title of Mitcham cluster champions.

The final results were as follows:

1st Lonesome
2nd Gorringe Park
3rd St Thomas
4th Links
5th Bond
6th St Mark’s
7th Harris Primary Merton
8th The Sherwood
9th William Morris
10th Beecholme
11th Stanford

We wish the four Mitcham Cluster representatives: Lonesome, Gorringe Park, St Thomas and Links the very best of luck at the Borough Finals. Our REFSPECT winners today were William Morris they were positive throughout, applauding the opposing team, shaking hands and congratulating the opposition even when they lost. This was a great demonstration of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette that was combined with fantastic team work and effort. Well done to everyone involved.

 We were incredibly fortunate to have St Marks leaders who were fantastic officials. Thank you to all the competitors, staff members and supporters, for the positive manner in which the tournament took place.

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