On Friday 26th May 2017, 6 teams from the Mitcham Cluster took part in the Cluster Best Team Kwik Cricket competition. Beecholme, Gorringe Park, Links, Sherwood, Stanford and St Marks arrived at Mitcham Cricket Club on a beautiful summer’s morning ready and eager to play in the competition.

As schools arrived, they started practicing their bowling, batting and fielding skills, getting themselves prepared for their upcoming games. Once all schools signed in, they gathered in to go through the running of the day and to find out which schools would be playing each other first.

As there were, six teams in the competition all teams played each other once in a round robin format. The first games began and it was clear to see the teams had been practicing hard for this event.

The games throughout were very tight however you could see the strength of Stanford’s batting was allowing them to come out on top of their fixtures. Gorringe Park and Beecholme showed some outstanding fielding skills, which allowed them to compete for third spot. Whilst both Sherwood and St Marks played their final game against each other which ended with a very close victory for Sherwood.

The final fixture came down to Links v Stanford this was to take first place. It was a well thought match however Links managed to pull off a game winning catch. Which meant Links beat Stanford 237-233. Both teams displayed fantastic fielding and batting skills throughout.

The final standings were:

1st- Links
2nd- Stanford
3rd- Gorringe Park
4th- Beecholme
5th- Sherwood
6th- St Marks

Well done to Beecholme for receiving the Refspect award, due to the positive attitudes of the players towards their peers, opponents and the honesty of one student in particular who told the truth when the umpire was unable to see him being stumped out.

Thank you to all the schools that took part and to Mitcham Cricket Club for hosting the event. Congratulations and Good Luck to the top four teams on qualifying to the borough finals on Friday 9th June 2017 at Old Ruts Cricket Club.

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