The Mitcham Cluster Hi 5 Netball Competition took place on Thursday 19th January at Harris Academy Merton. Seven schools from the cluster attended the competition: Beecholme, Bond, Gorringe Park, Links, Sherwood and St Marks and St Thomas of Canterbury.

As schools arrived they were faced with icy winds immediately, however this just encouraged schools to warm up quickly, ready for their games as soon as they arrived.

As there were seven teams competing, a round robin format was used, meaning all teams played each other once. This got all teams very excited as they knew they had six matches to gain as many points as possible – 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

The games kicked off with Bond v Gorringe Park and St Marks v Beecholme. All four teams took a while to find their feet and remember all the different rules played in netball, however, once they got going it was clear to see they were all on an equal playing field. The game between Beecholme and St Marks ended very tightly in a draw, however Gorringe Park secured their first win on the tournament, with a 1-0 win over Bond. 

The second round saw Sherwood v St Thomas of Canterbury and St Marks v Gorringe Park; again both very closely! At this point, it was clear that teams needed to start focusing their efforts on claiming some goals in their games to gain more points.

In round three, Sherwood took on Links and St Thomas played Beecholme. Sherwood and Links both had opportunities to steal the game however this ended scoreless keeping all schools in contention to finish first. Whereas St Thomas beat Beecholme 1-0, St Thomas were strong and organised which helped them to pick up their first win of the competition.

The cold weather really starting to kick in by round four but teams were determined not to let this distract them from their vision of finishing in the top four! Links and St Thomas stremgths began to shine through as they got further in to the competition however the other schools were still in close contention with it being such a low scoring close competition.

Teams watched the last game of the day which was Links v Bond little did they know if Links one this game it would secure them 1st place in the competition. In the closing stages of the games Links managed to get themselves a late 1-0 win.

Once the last game had finished teams gathered to find out the final results. With a lot of games ending in draws the scores were very tight with only a point in it for those finishing in 3rd and 4th. The final results were as follows:

1st Links
2nd St Thomas
3rd Sherwood
4th Gorringe Park
5th Bond
6th Beecholme
7th St Marks

The Refspect winners were St Marks they received the most nominations for shaking hands, congratulating other teams and being supportive to their teams. Congratulations!

A special mention to Harris Academy Merton leaders who helped to umpire the matches with great professionalism. Well done!

Thank you to all schools for attending and braving the icy weather! Congratulations to Links for winning the Mitcham Cluster High 5 Netball Competition for the third year in a row. Best of luck to Links, St Thomas, Sherwood and Gorringe Park at the Borough Finals. 

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