The Merton Inclusive Multi Sports Festival took place on Thursday 20 October at the Sutton Sports Village Tennis Academy with 19 schools providing 22 teams. The festival is an event designed to encourage participation in sport with the focus being on providing pupils with a fantastic opportunity to try a range of sports in a fun and enjoyable environment. There were 12 stations for pupils to take part in and each school team played against or alongside a different school each time. The stations included games related to Boccia, Football, Tennis, Seated Volleyball, Tri Golf and Athletics.

The attitude of all the pupils taking part was exceptional which made the day so special for everyone who attended. Showing off their skills the pupils were displaying some incredible talent at the various activities and it was great to see how much fun they were having playing sports.  All the pupils went home happy (but tired) and received a certificate to acknowledge their effort and skills during the festival.

Schools who attended the festival were; Abbotsbury, Benedict, Cranmer, Dundonald, Gorringe Park, Haslemere, Holy Trinity, Links, Merton Park, Perseid, Poplar, Singlegate, St John Fisher, St Marys, St Teresa’s, St Peter and St Paul, West Wimbledon, Wimbledon Park and William Morris.

A massive thank you must go to the superb Harris Academy Morden sport leaders who supervised and delivered the activities superbly throughout the festival and ensured the pupils had an incredibly enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the support from the staff at Sutton Sports Village for going above and beyond to help us create a special atmosphere at the facility and make the school pupils and staff feel so welcome.

We look forward to coming back next year, bigger and better.

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