Wednesday 3rd July 2019, MSSP held an inclusive Scatterball Festival, which took place at the fabulous facilities of Old Ruts Cricket club and the weather was all sunshine for this exciting event.

Teams from Poplar, Hillcross, Bond, Merton Park & Links came along to this event.

Some of the boys and girls had never even heard of the sport of Scatterball at the start of the day, so we thought we had a tricky task on our hands to help the boys and girls get to grips with game.

HOWEVER, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly all teams managed to understand the game, even create strategies and tactics for when they were either batting or fielding. It was a joy to see so many children throwing, kicking and striking objects into space and trying to score as many points for their team and to see the fielding team working together to stop the batting team from scoring as many points as possible.

As this was a festival, participation and fun were the main points we wanted the children to take away from today’s event. Each team did try and beat their team score every single game which they took as a personal challenge, well done Poplar for beating your highest score 3 times!!!.

Today’s REFSPECT winners were Hillcross Primary, who were nominated for their team-work, cheering on their team-mates and opposition during the game and for giving their best each game they played!

Lots of teams now want to go back and play Scatterball during break and lunch times, they really enjoyed it, and we enjoyed hosting it!

A big thank you must go to Old Ruts who allowed us to run the event at their facilities at the last minute, we are very grateful for every competition they allow us to run there!

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