On Thursday 22nd June, the MSSP held the annual Merton Borough Primary Athletics Championships. There were 33 schools who entered the event this year and they were divided into five groups. Athletes would all compete in one field event, one track event and a relay. Track races included: 600m, 150m and 80m, while on the field, athletes would do either the Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump, Discus, Shot Put or Vortex Throw. Placings within each group would be compared to determine each group’s winner and individual event winners.

Group 1 was made up of Dundonald, Wimbledon Park, St Matthews, Haslemere, Bond, Hatfeild and St Marks. Competition on the track was fierce with many schools performing well: St Matthews and Wimbledon Park won the boys and girls 600m races respectively, while Bond and Haslemere both brought strong sprinting teams where they scored consistently across sprints and the relays. Dundonald came into their own on the Field, scoring particularly well in both Jump events after close battles with Hatfield. Vortex Throw honours were shared between Dundonald and Wimbledon Park, who did well across all throwing events. St Marks showed good consistency throughout but could not secure the points their efforts deserved.

  1. Dundonald: 119 points

  2. Wimbledon Park: 153 points

  3. St Matthews: 157 points

  4. Haslemere: 160 points

  5. Bond: 166 points

  6. Hatfield: 207 points

  7. St Marks: 243 points

Group 2 consisted of Bishop Gilpin, Hollymount, Sacred Heart, Abbotsbury, Merton Abbey and Liberty. Sprinters from Abbotsbury and Hollymount, who won six of the eight sprints, while Bishop Gilpin claimed both of the 600m races, dominated the track. On the field, Bishop Gilpin and continued to do well in the Jumping events with Merton Abbey performing well and pushing them all the way in the Triple jump. Sacred Heart athletes performed well in the Vortex Throw while at the Shot Putt Abbotsbury claimed wins for both boys and girls. Liberty performed well in all disciplines but just could not quite manage to push into the top placings. After all the points were totalled, a strong team performance by Bishop Gilpin saw them claim the Group 2 crown.

  1. Bishop Gilpin: 91 points

  2. Hollymount: 119 points

  3. Sacred Heart: 139 points

  4. Abbotsbury: 144 points

  5. Merton Abbey: 185 points

  6. Liberty: 221 points

In Group 3 the schools were Aragon, Merton Park, St Mary’s, Links, Pelham, West Wimbledon and Lonesome. The track was a battle between Links and Aragon with both schools claiming multiple first and second places. Pelhams girls dominated the 600m, taking first and second place. On the field, West Wimbledon, particularly the girls who took first place in the Discuss and Vortex Howler events, while the boys from Lonesome were throwing superbly well. Aragon performed well in the long jump while Lonesome boys had clearly specialised in the throwing events. Links narrowly won both the boys and the girls Standing Triple Jump, but no-one could get near Aragon in the Shot Put. St Mary’s won the boys Shot Putt, with Merton Park securing the win in the girls.

  1. Aragon: 106 points

  2. Links: 152 points

  3. Pelham: 120 points

  4. West Wimbledon: 174 points

  5. Merton Park: 188 points

  6. Lonesome: 197 points

  7. St Mary’s: 205 points

Schools competing in Group 4 were Wimbledon Chase, Hillcross, St Teresa’s, Cranmer, Garfield, Hillcross, Joseph Hood and The Priory. With some very evenly matched runners on the track, all the boys’ races were won by different schools while the girls from Wimbledon Chase and Cranmer stepped up and managed to claim two victories apiece. The Priory dominated in the Long Jump, taking first and second in the girls event and first and fourth in the boys event. Wimbledon Chase boys and Garfield girls demonstrated their throwing skills with strong performances in the Vortex Throw, Shot Put and the Discus. Hillcross stepped up in the Standing Triple Jump while Cranmer won both Relay races.  

  1. Wimbledon Chase: 115 points

  2. Hillcross: 156 points

  3. The Priory: 157 points

  4. St Teresa’s: 165 points

  5. Cranmer: 170 points

  6. Garfield: 195 points

  7. Joseph Hood: 243 points

In Group 5, the schools competing were St John Fisher, Poplar, Malmesbury, Holy Trinity, All Saints and Benedict. Poplar made a strong start by winning the girls 600m races and the boys sprints, with St John Fisher winning the girls sprints. Holy Trinity got in on the action by taking the boys 600m event. All Saints showed the other schools how it was done at the girls Long Jump, just seeing off a strong challenge from John Fisher who took second and third spots. In the boys Long Jump, it was another very close event with Poplar edging ahead of Holy Trinity for top spot. In the other field events Malmesbury came to the fore, winning the boys triple jump to go along with victory for boys and girls in the Discus. It was close on points coming in to the relays for a school to see who could come out on top of the group, it was St John Fisher who confirmed first place with solid displays in both races.

  1. St John Fisher: 90 points

  2. Poplar: 97 points

  3. Malmesbury: 136 points

  4. Holy Trinity: 152 points

  5. All Saints: 204 points

  6. Benedict: 219 points

Finally, we calculated who would represent Merton at the London Youth Games in the Quad Kids Athletics competition. We compared performances by all of the schools – the winning team was St John Fisher. Good luck at the LYG!

We also awarded individual gold medals to the best boy and girls in each event across all groups. The talented athletes who won these events are listed below;

600m Boy – Tom (Bishop Gilpin)

600m Girl – Rosie ( Bishop Gilpin)

Long Jump Boy – Conner (St Matthew’s)

Long Jump Girl – Mia (St Matthew’s)

Vortex Howler Boy – Igor (Lonesome)

Vortex Howler Girl – Lucy (Bishop Gilpin)

80m Boy – Amere (Bond)

80m Girl – Samara (Cranmer)

150m Boy – Lero (Bond)

150m Girl – Mia (St Matthew’s)

Standing Triple Jump Boys – Theo (Wimbledon Chase0

Standing Triple Jump Girls – Deborah (Hillcross)

Discus Boys – Kaden (Abbotsbury)

Discus Girls – Rhei (St Teresa’s)

Shot Putt Boys – Harry (Aragon)

Shot Putt Girls – Lulu (Merton Park)

Relay – Bishop Gilpin

Our REFSPECT winners today were Aragon. They were positive throughout, applauding the opposing team, shaking hands and congratulating the opposition even when they lost. A great demonstration of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette combined with fantastic teamwork and effort meant they were a credit to their school

We were very fortunate to have 15 Sports Leaders from Ursuline who ran the events, recorded the results and organised placings – they were invaluable to the running of the day and an absolute credit to themselves and their school. Thank you to the staff at David Weir Athletics Track for the use of their impressive facilities and to all of the staff and parents who prepared and supported their children throughout the day.

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