On Friday 15th June 2018 at St Mark’s Secondary School, the annual Merton Borough Year 5/6 Basketball competition took place. Fifteen teams took part with at least one school representing each of the four Merton clusters. Teams were placed in four pools for the group stages before progressing onto the knockout stages.

Pool A

Poplar ‘A’, Hollymount, The Priory and Malmesbury ‘B’ were all drawn in this pool. The first game Poplar play Hollymount. This game saw Poplar come away with a commanding victory and set themselves up at the top of the group. They continued their dominance with a well-deserved win over The Priory to continue their good form. The first game between The Priory and Malmesbury ‘B’ saw the latter walk away with a 6-2 win to put them in a great position for qualifying in the top two.


  1. Poplar ‘A’

  2. Malmesbury ‘B’

  3. Hollymount

  4. The Priory


Pool B

This group consisted of Hillcross, Wimbledon Chase and Poplar ‘B’. It was Wimbledon Chase and Poplar ‘B’ who started the group with an incredible 11-0 win to Poplar ‘B’, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats with some great shooting on show. Hillcross played Wimbledon Chase which got Hillcross off to a winning start with a 6-4 victory.


  1. Poplar ‘B’

  2. Hillcross

  3. Wimbledon Chase


Pool C

The group consisted of Bishop Gilpin, SS Peter & Paul, Garfield and West Wimbledon. Despite a set back against Bishop Gilpin, Garfield recovered to record victories against SS Peter & Paul and West Wimbledon to finish top of the group. The rest of the games were free flowing and plenty of baskets being scored by all teams.


  1. Garfield

  2. Bishop Gilpin

  3. West Wimbledon

  4. SS Peter & Paul


Pool D

This group consisted of Malmesbury, Links, St Mary’s and Liberty. While Malmesbury showed early on they would be clear top of the group with 16-2, 12-2 and a 6-2 win they proved too strong for the opposition. The battle for second place was extremely close it all came down to goal difference.


  1. Malmesbury

  2. Liberty

  3. St Mary’s

  4. Links


After a short lunch break, teams were back and eager to restart the action in the finals stages.



All four pitches started quickly with cheers of baskets being scored on each pitch. All schools put everything into these games to get a result in normal time in order to avoid the sudden death free throw shootout. Fortunately, all pitches had a result. These games were all very close with each game being won by single baskets.

The next stage of fixtures saw even closer games.


1st – 8th

The quarter-finals saw some exciting matches and great skills as the baskets flew in. These teams new they could potentially win the competition so played to the best of their ability seeing some excellent teamwork and desire to win the games. Poplar ‘A’ and Malmesbury played the game of the competition during a semi-final with Malmesbury coming out on top to play for 1st place.


Final Standings:

1st Poplar ‘B’

2nd Malmesbury

3rd Poplar ‘A’

4th Garfield

5th Hillcross

6th Malmesbury ‘B’

7th Bishop Gilpin

8th Liberty

9th Hollymount

10th West Wimbledon

11th The Priory

12th SS Peter & Paul

13th Wimbledon Chase

14th St Mary’s

15th Links

Huge congratulations to Poplar ‘B’ for becoming Merton Champions for 2018. They will now go on and represent Merton at the London Youth Games. Also well done to Links for being REFSPECT winners. The games were all played in a great spirit and everyone was onboard with the REFSPECT campaign that made it more enjoyable for everyone involved. The MSSP would like to thank the St Marks Academy for hosting and providing the Sport Leaders who officiated each match superbly! Finally, a big thank you to the teachers and staff for bringing each school to the event.


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