On Friday 9th June, fifteen schools from across Merton competed in the Year 5/6 Best Team Kwik Cricket Finals held at Old Ruts Sports Ground. Each team had qualified from their cluster and had the opportunity to become Merton champions and represent Merton at the Surrey Kwik Cricket Finals or finish runners up and represent Merton at the London Youth Games on 21st June 2017.

Each school was drawn in a group based on their cluster and where they finished in their cluster events.

Pool A

Pool A consisted of Links, Malmesbury, Wimbledon Chase and Hatfeild. The first game demonstrated how close this pool was as Malmesbury and Links both put on superb fielding displays. There was just one run in it, as Malmesbury claimed victory. Wimbledon Chase seemed to be the big hitters of the group scoring the most runs over their three matches. The bowling from Links troubled opposing batsman and Hatfeild’s fielding displays kept them in each match they played.

The pool finished as follows:

1st Malmesbury

2nd Wimbledon Chase

3rd Links

4th Hatfeild


Pool B

Pool B consisted of Poplar, Dundonald, Gorringe Park and Abbotsbury. Outstanding batting and fielding ensured Dundonald had the best start to Pool B by overcoming Raynes Park champions Poplar in the first game of the group. Poplar then went on to score 258 in both their next fixtures to ensure they finished second in the group. Gorringe Park battled in each game and only narrowly lost in their match with Dundonald. Abbotsbury claimed victory over Gorringe Park in the closest game of the group.


The pool finished as follows:

1st Dundonald

2nd Poplar

3rd Abbotsbury

4th Gorringe Park


Pool C

Pool C consisted of Stanford, Hillcross and Wimbledon Park. Due to a school withdrawing from the competition it meant this group only had three schools. Each team played each other once and it could not have been closer. Stanford and Hillcross both bowled superbly in their match. It was Stanford who took the most wickets though to claim victory by 5 runs. Hillcross then used this great bowling display to defeat Wimbledon Park. In the final match of the group Wimbledon Park batted excellently scoring some nice boundaries to take their score to 225. The victory for Wimbledon Park meant each team had won, one fixture each, so it went down to runs scored.


The pool finished as follows:

1st Wimbledon Park

2nd Hillcross

3rd Stanford


Pool D

Pool D consisted of Bishop Gilpin, Hollymount, Morden and Sherwood. Bishop Gilpin dominated the group by posting some big scores. Their biggest was a huge 289! Hollymount and Morden had a very close match where wickets tumbled. A strong fielding display from both sides meant each team scored in the 190s. Sherwood fought hard in each match and produced moments of quality in their games which gave them confidence going into the afternoon’s matches.

1st Bishop Gilpin

2nd Morden

3rd Hollymount

4th Sherwood

The afternoon saw the winner of each pool compete for places 1st-4th; second in each pool compete for 5th-8th; third in each pool compete for 9th-12th and fourth in each pool compete for 13th-16th. As each game was played you could see the standard of cricket rising. Bigger sixes were being struck; stunning catches were being taken and accurate bowling saw wickets tumble. Games were thrilling for the spectators, none more so than the final between Malmesbury and Bishop Gilpin. Bishop Gilpin batted first and were quickly reduced to a score in the 190s as they lost two wickets in the first over. Some nice boundaries then put them back on track but every time it looked like Bishop Gilpin were going to get ahead, Malmesbury pinned them back by taking a wicket. In contrast Malmesbury had a solid start scoring consistently. However a loss of a couple of wickets meant they had to increase their run rate if they were to reach the 245 target. If the game ended on the 7th over of each innings the game would have been tied as both teams were on 232. However, some accurate bowling meant Malmesbury could not get the 13 runs needed for victory.

Well done to Bishop Gilpin for winning the event and will now go on to represent Merton at the Surrey competition. Also well done to Malmesbury for finishing runners up and will now go on to represent Merton at the London Youth Games.

Thank you to Old Ruts for hosting the event and to Rutlish sports leaders for officiating superbly throughout the day.

REFSPECT Winner: Links Primary School

1st Bishop Gilpin

2nd Malmesbury

3rd Dundonald

4th Wimbledon Park

5th Poplar

6th Hillcross

7th Wimbledon Chase

8th Morden

9th Links

10th Stanford

11th Hollymount

12th Abbotsbury

13th Gorringe Park

14th Sherwood

15th Hatfeild

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