The MSSP Year 5 & 6 Challenge Run took place at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground on Thursday 30th March 2017. We were lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day with a refreshing breeze; ideal conditions for running.

A fantastic number of schools took part in the event this year. 24 schools in total competed at the event meaning there was a maximum of 168 students running in each race and over 330 children took part overall! Seven boys and seven girls from Year 5 and from Year 6 entered; the Year 6's running for individual and team honors while the Year 5's were racing for personal glory.

The Year 6 runners were the first to run and it was really great to see everyone giving it their all throughout the race. Both the boys’ and girls’ races were incredibly close with many runners coming in one after another, while all runners were cheered on from the side lines by school-mates, teachers and parents. The Year 6 results were then submitted to be compared and ordered.

Meanwhile, the two Year 5 races were run in the same manner with all competitors trying their absolute best right up until the finishing line.

Individual Placings:

Year 6 Girls

Year 6 Boys

1st: Rosie Speed- Bishop Gilpin

1st: Lloyd Hodgson- Wimbledon Chase

2nd:  Evie Thompson- Hillcross

2nd: Tom Beare- Bishop Gilpin

3rd: Mia Badby- St Matthews

3rd: Michael Golding- Sacred Heart

4th: Anna Barker- Pelham

4th: Lucas Mingle- St John Fisher

5th: Kyra Stone- St John Fisher

5th: Felix Exelby- Bishop Gilpin

6th: Molly Roberts- Bishop Gilpin  

6th: Nico Satchell- Hatfeild

7th: Lucy King Christopher- Bishop Gilpin

7th: Reuben Gallagher- Wimbledon Chase

8th: Laurenne Tanda- West Wimbledon

8th: Milo Fitzhugh- Hollymount

9th: Genny Heenan – Wimbledon Chase

9th: Joe Tooth- Wimbledon Chase

10th: Poppy Fayre Walker- Hollymount  

10th: Kamil Konopka- Links

Year 5 Girls

Year 5 Boys

1st: Muna Eze- Poplar

1st: Maxi Carrier- Hollymount

2nd: Lily Young- The Priory

2nd: Jasper Abington- Hillcross

3rd: Antonia Brown- Hollymount

3rd: Sebastisn Cockerell- Hollymount

4th: Teagan Ashley- Hollymount

4th: Charlie Redwood- Bishop Gilpin

5th: Ena Vignjevic-Kutia- Dundonald

5th: Adam Boudyenan- Aragon

6th: Frances Oakley- Bishop Gilpin

6th: Calum Hicks- Aragon

7th: Daisy Jeffs- Hatfeild

7th: James Kennett- St John Fisher

8th: lara Phillips- Bishop Gilpin

8th: Matthew Hodgson- Dundonald

9th: Lili Orrin- Bishop Gilpin

9th: Daniel Shand- Dundonald

10th: Maya Buchanan- Bishop Gilpin

10th: Gabe Dale- Dundonald



For the Year 6 team races, the top five runners in each team counted towards the schools’ total and, therefore, their overall position. It was evident to see that each individual ran their hardest to do the best they could for their team.

The teams waited nervously as the officials worked out the final results and it was extremely close.

Top Six Placings:


Year 6 Girls Team Results

Year 6 Boys Team Results

1st: Bishop Gilpin

1st: Wimbledon Chase

2nd: Hollymount

2nd: Bishop Gilpin

3rd: St John Fisher

3rd: St John Fisher

4th: Wimbledon Chase

4th: Hollymount

5th: Hillcross

5th: Sacred Heart

6th: Poplar

6th: Dundonald & Holy Trinity

(finished equal on points)




Congratulations to everyone who took part; the effort, determination and perseverance on display from all of the athletes was outstanding!

Thank you to Sue Taylor and her team from Links Primary School for organising the event, and to Rutlish School for providing the leaders. Finally, thank you to all schools for bringing your teams and to all the spectators who came to cheer on the athletes.


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