On Friday 12th June 2017, the Merton School Sport Partnership (MSSP) hosted the Year 5 & 6 Mini Orange Tennis Borough Competition at AELTC Community Tennis Centre. Fifteen teams entered the competition, which took place using the Mini Orange Tennis format. The fifteen teams were entered into four groups of four and upon arrival, each school seeded their players 1 and 2.

Group 1 made their way to court one. First up on court one was Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ against Hillcross. Bishop Gilpin got off to a flying start, recording an impressive 4-0 victory over Hillcross. The Priory were up against Bishop Gilpin next but couldn’t cope with the skill and energy of the Bishop Gilpin team as they succumbed to a 4-0 defeat. They responded well in their games against Hillcross, recording a 3-1 victory and ensuring they finished runners up in their group.

In group 2, Dundonald came out as the overall winners of their group, losing only one game out of 12. However the rest of the group were very evenly matched, with all teams taking points of each other. Holy Trinity played some brilliant tennis winning their match against West Wimbledon and drawing with Liberty in the second place decider. West Wimbledon had a close encounter with Liberty, with Liberty narrowly winning 3-1.

Group 3 consisted of Poplar, Hollymount, Hatfeild and Bishop Gilpin ‘B’.  In a very tight group, every team scored points off each other with some amazing tennis on display to keep the crowd entertained. With the matches being so close, it was very difficult to tell who would come out on top. With the final matches being played, a 4-0 victory for Bishop Gilpin against Hatfeild meant they would take top spot. It was left to Hollymount and Poplar to see who would secure second place in the group and progress through to the top eight in the next round. Both teams played to their potential and there was no separating them, so it came down to points scored with Poplar edging through.

Sacred Heart, St John Fisher, Wimbledon Park and Links were the teams within group 4. St John Fisher came out as the overall winners of this group, with a win against every school. They played in a great manner with commitment and determination. Sacred Heart came second overall in the group having won their matches against Links and Wimbledon Park. Wimbledon Park battled back against Links to take third spot in the group.

With the group stages complete, it was time for a quick lunch break to rest up and rehydrate before the afternoon’s eagerly anticipated finals stages. Each team was then informed who they would play against in the afternoon’s fixtures. The teams that finished first in their group and the teams who finished second would compete for positions 1-8 and the teams finishing third fourth would play for positions 9-15.

The quality of the tennis on show got better and better as the day went on. The match which would determine who finished in first and second place was between Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ and Dundonald. The quality on show in this match was of the highest quality. Bishop Gilpin kept their composure, playing in the manner that got them to the final. This match was played in a great spirit with all players competing for every single point. Despite Dundonalds best efforts , they were unable to prevent Bishop Gilpin from taking the victory and winning the Year 5&6 Mini Orange Tennis Competition once again. Congratulations to Bishop Gilpin.

The Final Standings are Below:

  1. Bishop Gilpin
  2. Dundoanld
  3. Poplar
  4. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’
  5. Sacred Heart
  6. Holy Trinity
  7. The Priory
  8. St John Fisher
  9. Hollymount
  10. Liberty
  11. Hatfeild
  12. West Wimbledon
  13. Wimbledon Park
  14. Links
  15. Hillcross

Huge congratulations to Bishop Gilpin for becoming Merton Champions for 2017. They will now go on and represent Merton at the London Youth Games. Also well done to Hillcross for being REFSPECT winners. The games were all played in a great spirit and everyone was onboard with the REFSPECT campaign which made it more enjoyable for everyone involved. The MSSP would like to thank the Ricards Lodge High School Leaders who officiated each match superbly! We would also like to thank AELTC for hosting. Finally, a big thank you to the teachers and staff for bringing each school to the event.

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