The Raynes Park Cluster Y5/6 High 5 Netball Competition took place on Tuesday 16th October at Joseph Hood Recreation Ground in what was superb conditions for some free flowing and attacking netball. With an unprecedented 16 teams in attendance, the tournament was split into two different competitions for the A and the B teams, with the B teams playing their own round robin competition, while the A teams competed for the chance to qualify for the Raynes Park Cluster at the Netball Borough Finals on Friday the 9th of November 2018 at Ricards Lodge.

The B team competition was hotly contested with all teams playing some fantastic netball throughout the tournament. Hillcross B and Aragon B, although not able to score a goal came extremely close on a number of occasions with the ball just rebounding off the rim. Both teams were however very well organised in defence, especially Hillcross B who managed to shut out eventual B Team winners Poplar B 0-0. St John Fisher B were equally tenacious with their standout performance coming against a hard working Aragon B side by winning this match 3-0. St Matthew’s B and Poplar B were both impressive and very clinical in attack. But Poplar B just had the edge over St Matthew’s B and through a well-executed team move won this decisive game 1-0.

B Team Round Robin Final Standings

  1. Poplar B
  2. St Matthew’s
  3. St John Fisher B
  4. Hillcross B
  5. Aragon B

The A teams were split into two leagues with each team playing each other once in their group. Again the standard of netball across both leagues was extremely high and after the first couple of matches, teams quickly found their shooting range and scored some wonderful goals, both through great team interplay as well as some individual brilliance. Some standout performers in League 1 were Poplar A who were arguably the most consistent team in the group. Their best result came in a 4-0 win over a battling Joseph Hood A Side. To their credit Joseph Hood put in some great performances of their own and beat Hillcross A 2-0. Other standout performers in League 1 were Merton Park A and Sacred Heart A who gradually increased in confidence as the tournament went on and went on to win a number of their games.

In League 2, some standout performers were Hatfeild A and St John Fisher A. Although unable to score many goals it was there defensive effort that shone through as well as their never give up attitude. Aragon A and St Matthew’s A kept the pressure on eventual League 2 winners West Wimbledon A by playing some really attacking netball and scored a number of well worked goals throughout the group games. West Wimbledon were the symbol of consistency, winning 3 games and drawing only one match against St John Fisher 0-0.

League 1. Placings

  1. Poplar A
  2. Merton Park A
  3. Sacred Heart A
  4. Hollymount A
  5. Hillcross A
  6. Joseph Hood A

 League 2. Placings

  1. Hatfeild A
  2. St Matthew’s A
  3. Aragon A
  4. St John Fisher A
  5. Hatfeild A

 After the group stages a final three matches took place to determine the finish positions of the top six places and thus the 2018 Raynes Park Cluster Y5/6 High 5 Netball Champions. The battle for 5th place went down to the wire. Both Sacred Heart A and Aragon A were deadlocked at 0-0 at the end of normal time as well as a period of golden goal. Penalties then came into play and it was Aragon who managed to score the two decisive goals to win this match. Credit to Sacred Heart, although visibly disappointed held their heads up high and congratulated Aragon on the win. 3rd Place was secured by Merton Park after a narrow 1-0 victory of St Matthew’s. Both teams played some sublime netball at times but Merton Park had just enough to take this result. The final was contested between the two most consistent teams of the competition. Both teams deserved to win after their group stage performances, but it was West Wimbledon for the second year running who produced the winning shot to win this match 1-0.


A Team Final Standings

  1. West Wimbledon A
  2. Poplar A
  3. Merton Park A
  4. St Matthew’s A
  5. Aragon A
  6. Sacred Heart A
  7. Hollymount A
  8. Hillcross A
  9. Joseph Hood A
  10. St John Fisher A
  11. Hatfeild A

Congratulations to all teams that took part, especially West Wimbledon, Poplar, Merton Park and St Matthew’s A Teams who all qualified for the Netball Borough Finals on the Friday 9th November 2018. In addition to this, a big thank you to Harris Academy Wimbledon for the use of their Y7 sports leaders to help run the event.

A final special mention must also go to St John Fisher Primary who were this competitions Refspect winners. They were voted as the team that displayed the most outstanding sportsmanship from the other 10 competing schools. Well done guys, a great effort!


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