On Tuesday 11th June 2019, the Raynes Park Cluster Y3/4 Dodgeball Festival took place at Raynes Park High School. Ten teams in total took part in the event which was run in a round robin format, with each team playing each other once across three courts.


Although this was a non-competitive event, this did not deter all of the competing schools from showing off their finest dodgeball skills. With each match, there was plenty of opportunities for all teams to initiate their strategies in both attack and defence.


The matches saw plenty of pinpoint accurate throwing from teams on the offensive from the back of the court and at the front, as well as some superb evasion and catching skills from the defending teams. By the level of skill on display, it was clear to see that all schools had put in a lot of training on the lead up to the festival.


Congratulations to all schools that took part and made this a very enjoyable event. All teams displayed fantastic sportsmanship and comradery for their opposition throughout the matches as well as at the final whistle. A special mention must go to our REFSPECT winner Sacred Heart. They were awarded this prestigious award due to their fantastic attitude with their opposition throughout the festival, and the children who were not playing were being cheered on all the time! Well done guys!


A big thank you must again go to Raynes Park High School for the use of their facilities as well as for the use of their Sports Leadership team who refereed and marshalled the fixtures superbly to ensure festival ran smoothly.

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