On Tuesday 31st of October 2017 the Raynes Park Cluster gathered at Wimbledon High Sports Ground for the Y5/6 High 5 Netball Competition. With 13 teams taking part and placed in two separate groups, the tournament was packed full of matches across each of the three courts.

In Group 1, the netball on display was of a very high calibre with all teams demonstrating some superb support play in moving the ball into the shooting area, as well as some resolute and well organised defending. The stand out result for Hollymount came in their well-orchestrated 3 - 0 victory over Hillcross B. Hillcross B did not let this disappointment deter them and regrouped well to earn a hard fought draw against a Aragon. Aragon battled hard throughout the group stages recording a number of draws, before winning their match against Hollymount 2-0. St John Fisher equally displayed some fluid netball at times to record a team inspired 2-0 against Hillcross B. Merton Park, Hillcross A and West Wimbledon were the three front runners from this extremely competitive group, all recording some superb victories. Merton Park produced a sublime 2-1 victory over Hillcross A to take the second place in the group down to goal difference, but it was Hillcross A who had the better goal difference that secured this second spot, scoring an average of 2 goals each match. These goals were a mixture of strong team play as well as some individual brilliance in the shooting area. West Wimbledon were group 1’s standout performers winning all but one of their matches which they drew. Their standout performance came against Aragon where they scored three fantastic goals as a result of some quick counter attacking play.

Group 1 Finishing Places

1st West Wimbledon (Qualified for Borough Finals)

2nd Hillcross A (Qualified for Borough Finals)

3rd Merton Park

4th Aragon

5th St John Fisher

6th Hollymount

7th Hillcross B

In Group 2, the quality of netball on display from competing schools was equally as impressive. Poplar A lead from the front winning all but one of their matches. Their standout result came against Hatfield, winning this match 3-0. Hatfeild regrouped well to record two well deserved wins and a hard fought draw. Their 2-0 win over Joseph Hood demonstrated their pint point accurate shooting. Joseph Hood although not able to record a win did display some outstanding defending in the goal area to shut out Poplar A and draw this game. Sacred Heart were also extremely unlucky not to record a win, but like Joseph Hood gained some well-earned draws as a result of their well organised defence. St Matthew’s were hot on the tail of group 2 leaders Poplar A, winning two matches and drawing two. Their best performance came against Joseph Hood, winning this match 3-0.

Group 2 Finishing Places

1st Poplar A (Qualified for Borough Finals)

2nd St Matthew’s C of E (Qualified for Borough Finals)

3rd Hatfeild

4th Poplar B

5th Sacred Heart

6th Joseph Hood

Congratulations to West Wimbledon, Poplar, Hillcross and St Matthew’s who all qualified for the Borough Finals on Friday 3rd November after finishing as the top two teams after the group stages. Great effort!

It was now time to see who would take the title as Raynes Park High 5 Netball cluster champions for 2017. 12th place was secured by Hollymount with their victory over Hillcross B. Sacred Heart narrowly edged out Joseph Hood to claim 10th. St John fisher finished strongly to take 9th place. 7th place was shared by Aragon and Poplar B who drew after extra time. This was likewise the case for Merton Park and Hatfeild who both claimed a well-deserved 5th place. 3rd place was secured by Hillcross A team who beat a defiant St Matthew’s side. The final was a hotly contested affair, but it was Poplar who came out on top to win the match 2-1 against West Wimbledon. Congratulations Poplar.

The winner of this competitions Refspect award was Joseph Hood, who displayed outstanding sportsmanship and respect to all players and officials throughout the competition, well done all!

A big thankyou to Wimbledon High for the use of their fantastic facilities as well as a big thank you to our umpires for officiating the day.

Good luck to those schools representing the Raynes Park Cluster in the Borough Finals on Friday!


Final Standings

1st Poplar

2nd West Wimbledon

3rd Hillcross

4th St Matthew’s

5th Merton Park/Hatfeild

7th Aragon/Poplar B

9th St John Fisher

10th Sacred Heart

11th Joseph Hood

12th Hollymount

13th Hillcross B


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