On the Tuesday 21st of February 2017 the Raynes Park Cluster Y5/6 High 5 Netball Competition took place at the fantastic facilities of Wimbledon High Sports Ground. With ten out of the eleven cluster schools taking part, the event was extremely well represented. It was clear to see the amount of preparation some teams had put into the lead up to the competition, due to the high standard of their pre match warm up routines.

Teams were split into two groups of five teams, with each team playing four matches at a duration of eight minutes with a thirty second half time. The top two teams at the end of the group stages would then go on to represent the Raynes Park Cluster in the Borough Finals on the Thursday 2nd March 2017.

In Group 1 the first round of matches, were a cagey affair with a number of teams reacquainting themselves with the infamous footwork rule as well as getting their eye in when shooting. However, the standard of both attacking and defensive play quickly improved in the following rounds of games. The standout performance in the group stages for Hillcross came in their 3-1 victory over a battling Hollymount side. Each of these three goals was the result of some quick thinking and fantastic movement from their attacking players to get them into a scoring position.

Hollymount to their credit did not give up and scored a well-worked goal of their own. Sacred Heart put in a clinical performance against Joseph hood to score two fantastic goals and won the game 2-0. Joseph Hood managed to regroup well and post their first victory of the competition against Hollymount winning this 1-0. Poplar were arguably the kings of consistency in this group by winning three out of their four matches 1-0 and drew their final match. This string of impressive results saw them top the group with 10 points. Hillcross narrowly squeezed past sacred Heart to take second place with a total of 8 points.

Group 1

  1. Poplar
  2. Hillcross
  3. Sacred Heart
  4. Joseph Hood
  5. Hollymount

In Group 2, there were some strong performances from all teams. Hatfeild’s best performance came from a hard fought 2-0 victory over St Matthew’s. St Matthew’s were extremely unlucky in a number of their matches not to register a win, due to their ability to move the ball up the court and attack the open spaces, however they did close out a well-deserved draw against an organised St John Fisher side. St John Fisher were extremely hard to break down in defence due to their players being well organised and ability to man mark, however they lacked a little consistency and luck when shooting at the hoop. Their best result came against West Wimbledon drawing this match 1-1. Merton Park mounted a serious challenge to win the group and played some great netball throughout the competition. Their standout performance came against St John Fisher, scoring two sublime goals. West Wimbledon put themselves into a title contending position early on with some superb performances against Hatfeild and St Matthew’s scoring on average two goals a match. This was to be a decisive factor in winning the group as both West Wimbledon and Merton Park finished the group stages on 8 points. It therefore came down to goal difference with West Wimbledon having a superior goal difference of +6 compared to Merton Parks +2, so subsequently won the group.

Group 2

  1. West Wimbledon
  2. Merton Park
  3. Hatfeild
  4. St John Fisher
  5. St Matthew’s

Congratulations to Poplar, Hillcross, West Wimbledon and Merton Park who all qualify to represent the Raynes Park Cluster at this year’s Borough Finals.

After the group stages the competition continued to see who would be crowned Raynes Park Cluster High 5 Netball champions for 2017. Hollymount and St Matthew’s contested for 9th place with Hollymount winning this match 1-0. Joseph Hood and St John Fisher played for 7th place with John Fisher putting in their performance of the tournament to win this match 2-0. Sacred Heart and Hatfeild played for 5th place and Hatfeild came out of the blocks flying and scored an impressive four goals to win this game 4-1. The contest for 3rd place was between Merton Park and Hillcross. This proved an extremely tense affair with Merton Park scoring the decisive goal to win this match 1-0. It was then down to the final between the two most consistent teams of the competition. Both Poplar and West Wimbledon started well with a number of scoring opportunities. However, West Wimbledon held their nerve to score the decisive goal to win the match 1-0. A superb effort!

Congratulations to all teams who competed, as all players conducted themselves brilliantly and demonstrated some fantastic sportsmanship throughout the competition. A special mention must go to St Matthew’s who were the winners of the REFSPECT award. A number of schools nominated them for this award due to their positive attitude and conduct after each match even in defeat and their wanting to shake the hands of their opponents and wish them good luck for their future matches – well done guys!

A thank you must also be given to Wimbledon High for the use of their fantastic facilities. Likewise, a huge thank you to the Year 9 girls from Ursuline High School who officiated the matches brilliantly. 

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