17 Ricards Lodge Students from year 8 have completed the Merton School Sport Partnership Leadership Academy.

The selected leaders committed to the 6 week course where they learnt and developed the important skills required to be a successful leader.

The first two weeks of the course involved theory sessions at school where the girls learnt about the various skills required to be a sports leader.  They spent time planning activities for young children and developed their Netball Umpiring skills during the Young Netball Umpire course.

The leaders spent four weeks at local primary schools putting their new learnt skills to practise.  The first week they were required to deliver multi skills games to very young children, something which was A LOT more challenging than expected.  Following this, they were asked to deliver Netball specific sessions for a group of primary school children training for a Netball competition.  The leaders were able to give tips and advice to the young players from their own experience of playing and also umpire the games – a new experience for all the girls!!

During all the sessions, the girls were required to act professionally and work together as a team which they did well! 

The girls will be provided with opportunities throughout the year to develop as leaders and collect volunteer hours

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