HAMD Leaders Tim Prendergast

Friday 14th July 2017


Tim inspired the Year 8’s with his own story of determination when faced with such a huge challenge at a young age. After trying out some team building activities themselves they then put their leadership skills into practice as they enthused and engaged a group of around 70 children to conquer the challenges that lay ahead of them.

The Leaders worked cohesively in their groups of four to deliver the fun yet challenging activities. They managed their groups and communicated key information to them in a way you’d expect from a seasoned sports coach and even found ways to progress and amend the activities to keep pushing the participants that little bit further.

The Year 5 children came from Merton primary schools including St Thomas, St Marys, Links, William Morris, Singlegate, All Saints and Cranmer. They themselves had been selected due to their exceptional leadership skills within their own schools. The session gave them a great opportunity to see how they too could develop further as leaders as they head into secondary school. The whole event was buzzing with excitement and year 5s worked tremendously well with children from different schools that they hadn’t ever met before.

We were so lucky to have had Tim Prendergast inspire us all and lead the day and we hope he will come back soon.

Well done to everyone involved.





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