On Thursday 23 November at Wimbledon Chase Primary School the Best Team Football Wimbledon Cluster competition took place. Eleven schools from the Wimbledon Cluster arrived in high spirits keen to demonstrate their footballing skills and team-work and thereby earn their school a place in the Best Team Football Borough Finals. Sixteen teams took part in four pools, each aiming to secure a top spot in their group to guarantee a coveted place in the Finals.

Group 1 consisted of Bishop Gilpin ‘B’, Garfield, The Priory and All Saints ‘A’. The games were played in a great spirit with a huge amount of effort and skill on display. The Priory took control of the group early on with some excellent displays and ended the group on nine points after winning all three of their matches. The rest of the group proved to be very evenly contested and a real battle for places resulted in the final group standings.

  1. The Priory

  2. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’

  3. All Saints ‘A’

  4. Garfield

Group 2 had Wimbledon Park ‘A’, Bishop Gilpin ‘A’, Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ and Merton Abbey competing for top spot and the chance to represent the Wimbledon Cluster at the Merton Borough Finals. This group was very close at the top with Bishop Gilpin and Wimbledon Park both producing impressive results, while their contest ended in a very tight 0-0 draw. It came down to goal difference and Bishop Gilpin just sneaked ahead with a better goal difference of just one goal. The final standing for the group were;

  1. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’

  2. Wimbledon Park ‘A’

  3. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’

  4. Merton Abbey

In Group 3, Holy Trinity, St Mary’s, Wimbledon Park ‘B’ and All Saints ‘B’ were drawn together in what proved to be an extremely tight group. St Mary’s edged through after an enthralling contest with Wimbledon Park ‘B’ where they won 2-1 to guarantee top spot in the group. All Saints ‘B’ managed to pip Holy Trinity for 3rd place after winning their game 2-0 in an excellent match. The final standings for the group were;

  1. St Mary’s

  2. Wimbledon Park ‘B’

  3. All Saints ‘B’

  4. Holy Trinity

Group 4 consisted of Dundonald, Wimbledon Chase ‘A’, Pelham and Bishop Gilpin ‘C’. Dundonald showed their excellent team work combined with individual flair was too strong for their opponents after finishing their games without conceding a goal. The other teams in the group battled it out and a narrow 1-0 victory for Pelham against Bishop Gilpin ‘C’ secured second spot in the group. The final standings were;

  1. Dundonald

  2. Pelham

  3. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’

  4. Bishop Gilpin ‘C’

The semi-final round of games saw a battle for positions with teams playing against the side in the other group from their respective positions. These games in particular were filled with excitement and eventually St Mary’s beat Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ and Dundonald overcome Wimbledon Park ‘A’ to land their place in the 1st/2nd place finals game. The final match saw Dundonald securing victory with a dramatic win after sudden death penalties and take 1st place in the standings.

  1. Dundonald

  2. St Mary’s

  3. Bishop Gilpin

  4. Wimbledon Park ‘A’

  5. Pelham

  6. The Priory

  7. Wimbledon Park ‘B’

  8. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’

  9. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’

  10. Bishop Gilpin ‘C’

  11. Merton Abbey

  12. Garfield

  13. All Saints ‘B’

  14. Holy Trinity

  15. All Saints ‘A’

  16. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’

We wish the four Wimbledon Cluster representatives, Dundonald, St Mary’s, Bishop Gilpin and Wimbledon Park the very best of luck at the Borough Finals. Our REFSPECT winners today were Wimbledon Park. They were positive throughout, applauding the opposing team, shaking hands and congratulating the opposition even when they lost. A great demonstration of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette combined with fantastic team work and effort meant they were a credit to their school. Well done to everyone involved.

As always, we were incredibly fortunate to have the use of Wimbledon Chase’s facilities – thank you. To all the competitors, staff members and supporters, for the positive manner in which the tournament took place – thank you!

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