Monday 15th May saw thirteen teams from all eleven Wimbledon schools take part in the Cluster Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket competition held at Merton CC. On a day when the rain showers could not dampen the attitudes of the enthusiastic competitors, there was some high quality performances on show. The schools were split into two pools, playing two mini-leagues.

Group 1 consisted of seven teams, with games being incredibly even right up until the final ball was bowled. Dundonald and Wimbledon Chase ‘A’ both started strongly, scoring freely during their batting innings while Dundonald also displayed great discipline with their bowling. The Priory kept their nerve in a tight match against Bishop Gilpin ‘B’, claiming a victory by just 18 runs in a dramatic finish. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’ got into their stride in the following round with some committed fielding on the boundary coupled with good all-round catching resulting in them beating Merton Abbey. Dundonald continued their winning ways with an aggressive batting approach regularly paying dividends as they hit a succession of sixes. Elsewhere, St Mary’s rallied to produce their best performance of the day against Merton Abbey, finally managing to get the victory their play deserved. Holy Trinity recorded their first win as their batters found their range, combining clean hitting with assiduous defence. Merton Abbey battled to the very last and although they could not sneak a win, they were determined in their positive play and scored some terrific run totals to keep games on a knife-edge. The final round in Group 1 saw the race for the top two culminate in some fierce attacking cricket. Wimbledon Chase’s batting managed to score the highest runs total of the day to secure second spot and a place at the Borough finals. While Dundonald continued their dominance and take top spot with victory over Bishop Gilpin ‘B’.

Group 1

  1. Dundonald 15pts 340 runs

  2. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’ 12pts 283 runs

  3. The Priory 12 pts 270 runs

  4. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’ 12pts 251 runs

  5. Holy Trinity 6 pts 161 runs

  6. St Mary’s 3pts 129 runs

  7. Merton Abbey 0pts 46 runs


Group 2 was also full of teams demonstrating great bowling, batting and fielding skills. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ got off to a strong start against All Saints, their accurate bowling and sharp running between the wickets showed their understanding of the game was of the highest order. Meanwhile, Wimbledon Park and Garfield faced each other with Wimbledon Park showing good judgement when batting and demonstrating secure hands in the field to secure victory by a single run. In their next game, some big hitting from a couple of Wimbledon Park batters helped them to reach their target, while their teammates batted sensibly to avoid losing wickets against the Pelham bowling attack. Pelham found form later in the rounds, against Garfield and Wimbledon Chase ‘B’, in what was well-deserved wins as a result of fine team performances. After a strong start, Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ had a wobble in the middle games before coming back strong to win their final game and keep their fight for second place. Bishop Gilpin finished with another win to maintain their 100% record in a very exciting match against Wimbledon Park where some of the cricket on display was of the highest order. In a tense conclusion to the competition, with schools awaiting the final results, it was Wimbledon park who took second spot thanks to a superior run total.

Group 2

  1. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ 15pts 276 runs

  2. Wimbledon Park 9 points 147 runs

  3. Pelham 9pts 109 runs

  4. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ 9 pts 103 runs

  5. Garfield 3pts 93 runs

  6. All Saints 0pts 52 runs


Final Positions after adjustments for the additional games played in Group 1 were as follows (results against the bottom school being void).


  1. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’

  2. Dundonald

  3. Wimbledon Chase

  4. Wimbledon Park

  5. The Priory

  6. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’

  7. Pelham

  8. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’

  9. Holy Trinity

  10. Garfield

  11. St Mary’s

  12. All Saints

  13. Merton Abbey


It was fantastic to hold the competition at Merton CC – a great venue! We were fortunate to have 11 superb Rutlish leaders who officiated all matches confidently and knowledgably. Finally, it was wonderful to see all players and managers play/watch the game with the right attitude – always shaking hands after matches, supporting one another and enjoying what they were doing. Our REFSPECT winners today were Holy Trinity for the team award. They were positive throughout, applauding the opposing team, shaking hands and congratulating the opposition even when they lost. A great demonstration of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette combined with fantastic team work and effort meant they were a credit to their school. Well done to everyone involved.

We wish our four Wimbledon representatives the very best of luck at the Borough Finals on Friday 9th June at Old Ruts CC!

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