On Thursday 27th June 2019, the Wimbledon Cluster took part in an Y5/6 Dodgeball Festival, which took place at Dundonald Recreation Ground. Twelve teams took part in this event, split into two groups and playing in a round robin format. The matches were eight minutes long, which meant teams had plenty of opportunities to practice their throwing, dodging and catching skills.

As this was a festival, the focus was on children participating in their teams along with having the chance to compete against other schools while having fun! We also introduced a new scoring system for our Refspect award. The system of spirit scoring is to encourage players to play the games in a positive sporting spirit. Schools decided what score the opposition deserve using the spirit scorecards, highlighting sporting values of Passion, Honesty, Respect, Self-Belief, Teamwork and Determination.

Teams were showing many different strategies to try and get the opposition out, going for catches all the time to bring their teammates back in. Going all the way up to line to execute an accurate throw and get them out or consistently dodging and ducking out the way to avoid being hit below the waist. Well done to the players from all teams for showing your teachers and other teams exciting ways to play, giving us all an entertaining afternoon of dodgeball.

A massive well done to all teams for coming along and taking part showing maximum effort. Each school were marked after each game by the opposition team on six values that make up our REFSPECT award, the following schools got the highest scores in each respective category from their group.

  1. Wimbledon Park & Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ – Teamwork
  2. Dundonald & Garfield – Respect
  3. Priory A & Priory B – Self-Belief
  4. Wimbledon Chase A & Wimbledon Chase C – Determination
  5. Priory A & Priory B – Passion
  6. All Saints & Garfield – Honesty

Once all the scores across the values had been added up, the overall winners of the REFSPECT award went to Dundonald and Garfield.

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