Thursday 26th May saw Wimbledon Chase Primary School host the inaugural Wimbledon Cluster Dodgeball Competition. The weather was on our side as we experienced glorious sunshine and a cooling breeze throughout the day. Eight schools from the Cluster arrived keen to demonstrate their dodging, ducking, diving and dipping skills. A round robin format was used enabling all schools to play one another and maximise their playing time.

The first round of fixtures saw teams trying to work each other out as well as deciding the best tactics to use in their games. Pelham started well, demonstrating accurate throws and safe hands in beating Merton Abbey. Dundonald and Garfield both stayed back and played defensively, not wanting to get hit and eliminated. This resulted in a narrow 5-4 win for Garfield. Meanwhile, The Priory started strongly with some fine throwing to beat St Mary’s.

In the next round of fixtures Dundonald bounced back with an impressive all round performance against All Saints’, who were playing in their first match and were yet to find their feet. Garfield showed an increasing awareness of the tactics they would employ in defeating The Priory while Wimbledon Chase got their campaign off to a fine start by defeating Pelham.

By this stage all teams had played at least one game and the accuracy of the throwing, the quality of the catching and the use of tactics was steadily improving.

All Saints’ played in a couple of cracking 6-6 draws against Pelham and Wimbledon Chase as they got to grips with the rules and techniques involved in the matches. After losing their first match, Dundonald focused on their use of tactics with up to four children throwing their balls at the same time at an identified target. Garfield regularly displayed a knack of winning close games as well as claiming a couple of emphatic victories. Merton Abbey played all out attacking Dodgeball from game one, trying to catch everything that came close to them and not being afraid to go for long range shots as well. Pelham always displayed great team-work alongside some great catching skills, enabling the rest of their team to re-enter the court and continue playing. Some of the strongest performances were done by The Priory who had players with throws of great power and accuracy, they were also involved in a nail-biting 6-6 draw with Wimbledon Chase. After their early defeat to The Priory, St Mary’s went on a five game winning streak, supporting their team-mates well both on and off the court. Wimbledon Chase were the team to watch for all-action Dodgeball! Their games regularly featured high scores and they too were involved in two 6-6 draws.

The last round of fixtures saw Dundonald and St Mary’s locked on 15 points each at the top of the table. As they were due to play each other, the game between them was effectively a final. Dundonald’s team tactics and accurate throwing did the trick as St Mary’s were unable to hold onto their catches meaning Dundonald became the first ever Wimbledon Cluster Dodgeball Champions!

Final Standings:

1.       Dundonald

2.       St Mary’s

3.       The Priory

4.       Garfield

5.       Wimbledon Chase

6.       Pelham

7.       Merton Abbey

8.       All Saints’

During the day it was great to see the children pick up the game so quickly and improve on their catching, throwing and dodging skills. Each and every team participated in the right spirit, demonstrating honesty, team work and sportsmanship throughout the day which was a real pleasure to see.

We were fortunate to have eight high quality Sports Leaders from The Ursuline High School to officiate the matches, which they did authoritatively and knowledgably – well done girls!

Finally, Wimbledon Chase, once again, let us use their wonderful field – it is a great space in which to hold many of our Cluster competitions – thank you.

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