On Thursday 16 November at Wimbledon Chase Primary School, the Wimbledon Cluster Year 5/6 Girls Football competition took place. Eight schools from the Wimbledon Cluster arrived in high spirits keen to demonstrate their footballing skills and teamwork and thereby earn their school a place in the Girls Football Borough Finals. Thirteen teams took part in two pools, each aiming to secure a top two-spot in their group to guarantee a coveted place in the Finals.

Group 1 consisted of Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ and ‘C’ teams, Dundonald, All Saints ‘B’, St Mary’s, Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ and Wimbledon Park ‘B’. The games were played in a great spirit with a huge amount of effort and skill on display. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’ and Dundonald both made strong starts to the group with some impressive performances and quality goals being scored. The group went down to the wire with St Marys also performing well to keep the pressure on until the very last game. To see who would emerge victorious at the top of the group St Marys and Bishop Gilpin played in the last fixture with Bishop Gilpin saving their best until last and went on to win the group on goal difference from Dundonald. The rest of the group proved to be very evenly contested and a real battle for places was taking place with all teams battling until the very last kick to climb up the league table. Wimbledon Park ‘B’ and Bishop Gilpin ‘C’ could not be separated as they played out a 1-1 draw; it was as close as this in the league as Wimbledon Park ‘B’ narrowly took fourth place on goal difference. All teams were performing well with the majority of games being won by the odd goal. All Saints ‘B’ and Wimbledon Chase ‘B’ kept battling away and ensured they put as much effort as possible into every game, displaying some excellent teamwork as well as flashes of individual brilliance to entertain the spectators. The final league standings were as follows,


  1. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’

  2. Dundonald

  3. St Mary’s

  4. Wimbledon Park ‘B’

  5. Bishop Gilpin ‘C’

  6. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’

  7. All Saints ‘B’

Group 2 had The Priory, Bishop Gilpin ‘B’, Wimbledon Park ‘A’, All Saints ‘A’, Pelham and Wimbledon Chase ‘A’ competing for the chance to represent the Wimbledon Cluster at the Merton Borough Finals. Pelham were keeping the pressure on right up until the final group game where they lost 1-0 to eventual group winners Wimbledon Park ‘A’.  Wimbledon Park ‘A’ proved to be too strong for the rest of the group winning all five fixtures in impressive fashion scoring thirteen goals and only conceding once. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’ contested a very tight game with the Bishop Gilpin ‘B’ team, securing a 0-0 draw and securing third place in the group. The Priory and All Saints ‘A’ were getting into their stride and starting to pick up points as the group went on and they provided up with an enthralling encounter when they went head to head. Both sides were creating chances and it was only some fine goalkeeping, which meant they shared the points in a 1-1 draw. Pelham were producing some dazzling displays as they marched into second place in the group and could have scored a barrow load had it not been for the woodwork. The final standing for the group were;


  1. Wimbledon Park ‘A’

  2. Pelham

  3. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’

  4. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’

  5. The Priory

  6. All Saints ‘A’

The final round of games saw a battle for positions with teams playing against the side in the other group from their respective positions. These games in particular were incredibly close and resulted in the final competition standings as follows;


  1. Wimbledon Park ‘A’

  2. Bishop Gilpin ‘A’

  3. Dundonald

  4. Pelham

  5. Wimbledon Chase ‘A’

  6. St Mary’s

  7. Bishop Gilpin ‘B’

  8. Wimbledon Park ‘B’

  9. The Priory

  10. Bishop Gilpin ‘C’

  11. All Saints ‘A’

  12. Wimbledon Chase ‘B’

  13. All Saints ‘B’

We wish the four Wimbledon Cluster representatives the very best of luck at the Borough Finals. Our REFSPECT winners today were Wimbledon Chase. They were positive throughout, applauding the opposing team, shaking hands and congratulating the opposition even when they lost. A great demonstration of fair play, sportsmanship and etiquette combined with fantastic team work and effort meant they were a credit to their school. Well done Wimbledon Chase.

As always, we were incredibly fortunate to have the use of Wimbledon Chase’s facilities – thank you. To the Rutlish Leaders who officiated the games confidently and maturely – thank you. To all the competitors, staff members and supporters, for the positive manner in which the tournament took place – thank you!


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