The Merton Borough High 5 Netball Finals took place on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at Wimbledon High School Sports Grounds. The top four schools from each cluster arrived ready to compete to become the Merton Borough High 5 Netball Champions!

The schools were split into four pools, all depending on which place they finished in their cluster round. The pools were as follows:

Pool A:
Wimbledon Park
The Sherwood
SS Peter and Paul’s

Pool B:
West Wimbledon
St Thomas of Canterbury
St Teresa’s
St Mary’s

Pool C:

Pool D:
Bishop Gilpin
Merton Park
Gorringe Park

As soon as schools arrived, they grabbed a ball and started getting warmed up so they were ready for when the competition began. It was great to see all players arriving with great enthusiasm and determination to get started!

Pool A

Pool A started with Wimbledon Park playing Poplar, Wimbledon Park got off to a flying start beating Poplar 7-1 both teams worked hard throughout however Wimbledon Park flew away with the win.

Round two found Sherwood taking on SS Peter and Paul. Although SS Peter and Paul showed some excellent footwork and passing skills, Sherwood were able to win 2-0 in a closely contested game. The next few games saw Wimbledon Park take the lead beating Sherwood 2-0 and SS Peter & Paul’s 3-0 securing them first place in the group. Poplar found there feet after the first round defeat and managed to beat Sherwood 2-0 and SS Peters & Paul’s 5-0 securing them second place in the group meaning they will qualified for positons 1-8.


The final Pool A results were:

1st -Wimbledon Park – 9 points
2nd-Poplar- 6 points
3rd- Sherwood- 3 points
4th- SS Peter & Paul- 0 points

Pool B

Pool B began with West Wimbledon against St Thomas of Canterbury, which was a very tight game as both teams defence was strong however, West Wimbledon managed to steal a 1-0 win. Round two saw St Teresa’s take on St Mary’s, and neither teams in this game managed to score, with lots of shots being taken! This game ended 0-0 with a fantastic display of Netball. In the next few games, it was clear West Wimbledon was going to gain first place to take them into the top seeds, beating St Mary’s 1-0 and St Teresa’s 2-1. The race for second was on both St Mary’s and St Teresa’s ending on 4 points however, St Mary’s managed to gain second place with a goal difference of +5 whereas St Teresa’s goal difference was 0.

Therefore, the final positions were as followed:

1st- West Wimbledon- 9 points
2nd- St Mary’s- 4 points + 5 GD
3rd- St Teresa’s- 4 points +0 GD
4th- St Thomas of Canterbury- 0 points

Pool C

Pool C commenced with Links against Morden, which was a very exciting match to start the group. Links went ahead early in the game and scored a very confident goal. Links attacking skills were too fierce for Morden to handle as Links finished the game winning 3-0. Garfield played Hillcross in the second round and it was a very close match with both teams having scoring opportunities but unable to get a goal in! This meant it finished in a 0-0 draw. Links went into the second game confident from their 3-0 win however, Garfield were strong and attacked quickly this game ended 2-0 to Garfield. This group was very close and there was only a few points in it. Links and Hillcross went from end to end with both team attacking and defending well however no team was able to score, this game ended 0-0. 

The final positions were as followed:

1st- Garfield- 7 points
2nd- Hillcross- 5 points
3rd- Links- 4 points
4th- Morden- 0 points

Pool D

Pool D’s first game was between Abbotsbury and Bishop Gilpin. As with the other pools, the first game was very tight with both teams playing their hearts out with great enthusiasm however, Abbotsbury fine shooting skills gave them a 3-1 win over Bishop Gilpin. Game two saw Merton Park take on Gorringe Park. Merton Park were able to take an early lead with a brilliant goal to go 1-0 up. Although Gorringe fought very hard, they were unable to stop Merton Park scoring this game ended Merton Park 7 Gorringe Park 0. With both teams on a high after their first round wins Abbotsbury took on Merton Park, this game was very close and both teams had chances to take the win. This game ended 0-0 with both teams performing excellently. After Bishop Gilpin’s defeat in the first game, they turned it around with a 3-0 win over Merton Park and a 3-0 win over Gorringe Park securing them 6 points from the group stages.

The final positions were as follows:
1st- Abbotsbury-7 points
2nd- Bishop Gilpin- 6 points
3rd Merton Park- 4 points
4th- Gorringe Park- 0 points

Once all the group stage games had finished, the players had a quick lunch and were called in to find out the results from the mornings games. The schools knew if they were to qualify through to play for positions numbered 1-8 they needed to finish in the top two of their group. Tension was very high as the results were read out. Schools were given their new seeding’s for the afternoon round of fixtures. Each team competed in their own quarter final, semi-final and final.

9th – 16th positions

All teams started their quarterfinal, semi-final and finals matches with huge determination, which meant the standard being played took a step up from the morning session of games. There were constant bursts of cheering from the players and crowd as a large amount of goals were scored over the four courts. St Teresa’s, St Thomas, Merton Park and Links all came out victorious that meant they had qualified through to the top end of the table for the semi-finals.

The scores were tight throughout the semi finals and finals with some real passion and team spirit on display. The games were end to end and the talent on display was brilliant.

1st – 8th positions

The quarter finals at the top of the table saw Wimbledon Park, Poplar, Garfield and Abbotsbury gain top seed positions with strong wins over St Mary’s, West Wimbledon, Bishop Gilpin and Hillcross. All games were played with a tremendous amount of effort and the display of high quality netball was outstanding.

The semi-finals saw some hugely important goals scored in some very tight games. Poplar and Garfield played in what was no doubt the most exciting game of the tournament with end-to-end brilliant play from both teams and some excellent tactics shown throughout. Poplar were able to sneak a 1-0 win. Abbotsbury stormed ahead beating Wimbledon Park 2-0. St Mary’s managed to beat Hillcross 2-1 in a closely contended game. Whilst West Wimbledon were piped at the post with a late Bishop Gilpin goal ending Bishop Gilpin 2 Hillcross 1.  

The finals games were extremely exciting with all teams wanting to finish in the highest possible position they could. Abbotsbury finished strong with a 3-0 win over Poplar. Whilst Bishop Gilpin had an outstanding game beating St Marys 4-0. Both Garfield v West Wimbledon Park and West Wimbledon v Hillcross ended very closely.

The results were as follows:

1st Abbotsbury

2nd Poplar

3rd Wimbledon Park

4th Garfield

5th Bishop Gilpin

6th St Mary’s

7th Hillcross

8th West Wimbledon

9th Merton Park

10th Links

11th St Teresa’s  

12th St Thomas

13th Morden

14th SS Peter & Paul

15th Sherwood

16th Gorringe Park

The 2016/17 High 5 Netball Borough finals was a great day, with all teams showing great sportsmanship and putting 100% effort into all their matches. Thank you to Wimbledon High Sports Ground for hosting the event. A great deal of thanks must be paid to all of those involved, in particular the leadership team from Ursuline High School who demonstrated some high quality umpiring. Without these individuals, our tournaments would not be possible, so thank you again for all of your hard work.

The Refspect winners were Links they received the most nominations for shaking hands, congratulating other teams and being supportive to their teams. Congratulations!

Finally, well done to Abbotsbury for being crowned the new Merton Borough Champions and best of luck for the London Youth Games!

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