Thursday 29th June saw 12 teams from across Merton compete in the Rounders Finals. The top 3 from each cluster were involved in the competition. Groups were drawn and a video recording was posted on twitter and emailed to schools so teams could see in advance who was in their group.

The groups were drawn as follows:

Group 1: Stanford, Dundonald, St Marks, Sacred Heart, Malmesbury and St John Fisher RC.

Group 2: Poplar, St Teresa’s, Links, Wimbledon Chase, Abbotsbury and Bishop Gilpin.


Group 1

This group was extremely close as four out of the six teams looked at one stage to be qualifying for the top two places to reach a semi final.

Stanford had some close games only narrowly losing to Dundonald (group winners) by a single rounder. Their batting was very good and scored several rounders in each game they played.

Dundonald were impressive in the group stages as they were consistently good at both batting and fielding. They were a well drilled team with everyone knowing their role. Their closest game was against Sacred Heart as they tied at 6-6.

St Marks unfortunately had a student unwell before they arrived which left them a player short for the finals. They did their best not to let this affect them and they improved in each game they played. Their best game was against a strong St John Fisher side.

Sacred Heart were another side good with the bat. They top scored in the group scoring 14 rounders in one of their matches. A loss to St John Fisher but victory over Malmesbury and a draw with Dundonald made sure they secured second place.

Malmesbury’s best victory came over St John Fisher RC. This was a very close match but they managed to win by two rounders and come third in the group. Their batting was also their strongest point as they scored 36 rounders over the five matches played.

St John Fisher RC recorded three wins in the group. They were a side that was consistent with the bat and in the field. Each game was closely competed which gave them a great opportunity to finish in the top two.


Group 2

Poplar were the standout team from the morning games. They won every game they played. Their fielding was their strongest part to their game as they did not concede more than three rounders in any one game.

St Teresa’s also fielded well in their matches to keep opponents scores down. They scored well in their games and had clearly been practising hard in view of the competition.

Links scored well in a tough group. They managed to score rounders in each of their matches with their narrowest defeat coming against Bishop Gilpin 4.5 rounders to 2.

Wimbledon Chase managed a couple of victories. Their best game was against Abbotsbury  where it went down to just half a rounder. Each of their matches were close that could have gone either way.

Abbotsbury were very consistent and every game was so close. They had a 3-3 draw and a 4.5-4 win. These results gave them third place in the group.

Bishop Gilpin did well in their games keeping them all very competitive. They fielded well at the posts but identical defeats to Poplar and St Teresa’s meant they would not qualify in top two positions.


In the final round of fixtures to decide final standings there were some huge rounders and some excellent fielding. Two hard fought semi finals between Poplar and Sacred Heart; and Dunonald and St Teresa’s certainly demonstrated this. Both Dundonald and Poplar scored 6.5 rounders in their matches which was enough to claim victory and reach the final.

The final could not have been closer. Poplar had a shaky start as they lost batsman early. They still managed to score 4.5 rounders. Dundonald then came into bat with a relatively small target. Poplar had fielded well all day with 4 rounders being the highest amount they had conceded in a single match all day. Dundonald batted well and it pretty much went to the final ball as they claimed victory by a single rounder.

Well done to all teams involved in a spectacular borough finals. Thank you to Raynes Park High Sports Leaders for helping with the day and also to the school for letting us use their facility. Here are the final standings:

1st Dundonald

2nd Poplar

3rd Sacred Heart

4th St Teresa’s

5th Abbotsbury

6th Malmesbury

7th Wimbledon Chase

8th St John Fisher

9th Bishop Gilpin

10th Stanford

11th Links

12th St Marks

REFSPECT winners: St Marks

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