Questions for the Sporting Star

How did you get involved in this sport / activity?

I have always had a fascination with basketball so I started playing at my local leisure centre in Thornton Heath when I was in primary school and have been playing professionally since then. My passion for athletics really came alive at Harris Morden last year when I was selected to compete in the high jump competition. Surprisingly, I jumped over 6m and there was no turning back. My mum quickly enrolled me at Croydon Harriers and I was assigned a coach who saw that I had the potential to do very well. I have not stopped jumping. I think my ability to jump has given me an advantage in basketball as jumping is a big part of the game.

Why do you feel you have been so successful and what obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals?

I have been very successful because I am focused and dedicated to my sport. I train regularly and I maintain a strict diet. Over the years, I have suered from some minor knee pains and swellings which have caused me to miss a few games but currently I am having some physio sessions to prevent the pain and the swellings from reoccurring. One of the challenge’s that I have had and I am still dealing with is the balance between my school work and my games and practice. It is hard to maintain that balance but I have too because I am keen to succeed in school as I am in basketball.

Has anyone helped you to get to get there or inspired you?

Basketball is a team sport and my success today is down to the amazing work of my current coach Lucio Semedo at Greenhouse, my athletics coach and my teammates. I am also very fortunate to have supportive relatives- my mum- in particular who always ensures that I have the right training equipment and more importantly, she ensures that I get the right nourishment to sustain my energy during practice and games.

Tell us how it felt to work so hard and to do so well at something?

It is called dedication and focus. It is a great feeling to know that I am making good progress both in school and in my basketball. Success is a great feeling and I intend to continue to work hard despite the pressure because I know that the work that I am putting in will ultimately bring me lots of happiness and satisfaction in the end.

What you would like to do or achieve next?

I am working to make the England U16 National Team. My coach tells me that I have a good chance of getting there so I am doing the best I can at the moment I hope to be selected for the Hoopsfix all-star game. Hopefully with my consistent hard work, dedication and discipline. I can be the Number 1 player in Luol Deng Camp 2017 and finally, I want to be a gold medallist in the High Jump.

Sporting career highlights/honours:

Won the National Championship in Manchester (Hoopsfix) U14 51ST In the UK and 11TH ranked in London at High Jump (1.70m). Selected for the England Basketball U16 Development Team. Won the Merton Borough Basketball competition at Raynes Park. Captain of Basketball Team at St Andrews School