Questions for the Sporting Star

How did you get involved in this sport / activity?

I was watching various weight bearing sports on You Tube, weightlifting came up, and I was really fascinated by it and decided to give it a go.

Why do you feel you have been so successful and what obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals?

Because I work hard and I have the right mind-set. My family and friends also support me.

Has anyone helped you to get to get there or inspired you?

People that have inspired me are my grandad and my parents. Famous weightlifters Kevin Levrone and Mariusz Pudzianowski are also inspirations of mine

Tell us how it felt to work so hard and to do so well at something?

It felt amazing, knowing success after hard work and want to work to achieve more.

What you would like to do or achieve next?

I want to become world champion and the world’s strongest man.

Sporting career highlights/honours:

Becoming British Powerlifting Champion 2016 and holding the Greater London record. I also finished third place in the National Rowing Championships 2016.