Whether you are playing, watching, coaching or officiating we want our events to be a positive and rewarding experience. In order to achieve this, all we need is a little REF-SPECT!

Promoting fair play and professionalism

It is vital that our young people enjoy participating in our events and programmes in order to keep them engaged in sport and physical activity.

We provide an inclusive platform for young people to excel and achieve their personal best. Ultimately, we want our young people to lead healthy and active lifetyles, experiencing various opportunities where they can express themselves, showcase their talent and compete fairly in an environment that promotes sportsmanship, professionalism and etiquette. We can all play our part in achieving this.

Codes of conduct

Download the REF-SPECT Codes of Conduct 

These are for:

  • Players
  • Spectators, Parents and Carers
  • Teachers, Team Managers and Coaches
  • Officials and Sports Leaders
muscles it takes to smile - it takes 43 to frown!
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