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As a new PE Coordinator, you have a vital role to play in the Physical Education and Activity experience of the pupils in your school. To ensure you are prepared and supported for this role, MSSP offers you the opportunity to attend this twilight session to give you the best possible start to the year ahead. During the induction, we will provide information and guidance on the following areas of your work:

  • Understanding of your role, our role and the local network of support for PE Cos
  • Promote and embed PE, Sport and Physical Activity within your school

  • Coordinate out of hours sports clubs

  • Ensure your teams are prepared for competitions

  • Communicate any messages from us to your pupils, parents and colleagues (and vice versa)

  • Coordinate the school’s PE curriculum map and intra school activities including sports day

  • Take a tour through our Primary PE Scheme of Work
  • Assist in coordinating the appropriate use of the PE & Sport Premium funding

  • Promote the work MSSP do to colleagues and parents, directing them to our website

  • Write the Action Plan for your school - Merton School Sports Mark

  • Audit staff’s need for support in PE

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