The Mitcham Cluster Year 3 & 4 Multi Skills Festival took place at Harris Academy Merton on Friday 21st June 2019. 7 schools took part and even the sun decided to come out to play, despite one of the soggiest June’s ever!

Teams from Beecholme, Bond, Harris Primary, Links, Lonesome, St. Thomas’ and The Sherwood took part in a carousel of eight multi skills stations to encourage pupils to stay engaged in physical activity, to challenge themselves and most importantly, to have fun.

The stations were as follows:

1 Over and Under – teams had to transfer the ball over their head and under their legs until the whole line of players had reached the end point.

2 Bean Bag Throw – A classic target practice game with points awarded for landing bean bags into hoops at various distances.

3 Boccia Blast – A game for two teams to aim for the white ball with six attempts – the closest colour after all the balls have been rolled is the winner.

4 Dishes and Domes – A relay dash with one team turning a multitude of cones face down whilst the other try to turn them face up. The team with the most facing their way at the end of the allotted time wins that round.

5 Javelin Launch – Using foam javelins, participants aim to better their attempts each time by launching the javelin over arm as far as they can along the ten-meter target, marking their personal score with a cone as they progress.

6 Tennis Slalom – A variation on the ‘egg and spoon’ challenge yet with a racket and ball. Pupils could use a bean bag to make it easier or test themselves with more than one tennis ball.

7 Football Skills – Using close control and lots of touches, players were encouraged to dribbled through an obstacle course of cones and hoops before taking a strike at goal to end.

8 Agility Course – consisting of Speed Bounce, Agility Ladders, Hurdles and Spot Jumps, pupils tried their best to improve their coordination during this set of activities.

Over 150 year 3 and 4 pupils took part during the afternoon and it was inspiring to see such determination from each school, not only trying to achieve their best, but also willing others to do well and showing great respect to those around them.

We would like to say thank you to Harris Merton for hosting and to the 8 sports leaders for showing wonderful support to the children and fully investing in each of the stations.

Thank you to all schools for participating and well done to Bond Primary for being voted our REFSPECT award winners by the sports leaders for 2019.

May we encourage all schools of the importance of multi skills festivals, regardless of the events being competitive or just for participating, as we believe all children will benefit greatly from these regular experiences and can have a lasting effect on their physical, mental and social wellbeing from a young age.

Many thanks and we look forward to hosting again!

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