Our first Morden Cluster event of 2020/21 took place on Wednesday 12th May 2021. 3 schools were able to attend with their teams of 10 year 6 pupils to take part in our Kwik Cricket Festival at Morden Recreation Ground during the afternoon. Abbotsbury, Malmesbury and Morden Primary took part in 3 fixtures with each team playing each other - one innings batting and fielding.

Over the course of the games, all teams showed some superb team work and skill and it was evident that lots of in-school preparation had taken place for this event despite the short time they have had to get ready.

It was a memorable occasion for our MSSP staff to see pupils taking part in team sports once again and to witness the teams’ determination and efforts towards the event was and encouraging sign. Schools and individuals were respectful and mindful of the distancing measures put in place and showed a brilliant attitude towards the occasion – thank you to the schools for this.

This summer our events and festivals are focused around participation with no placings, awards or progression available, however all teams were eager to know specific scores and how they had done over their 2 matches so we are happy to share the extremely close friendly results below:


Abbotsbury       221

Morden              223


Morden              215

Malmesbury      217


Malmesbury      224

Abbotsbury       214


Thank you to all 3 schools who took part and well done for a terrific afternoon of cricket.

We look forward to hosting more events this Summer and to seeing you there.


Many thanks

Nick Osborne

Morden Cluster Co-ordinator



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