The Morden Cluster Best Team Football Competition took place on Thursday 25th November 2021 at the Harris Academy Morden Astro Turf facilities with special support from 7 HAMD sports leaders from Year 9.

7 Schools and 9 teams from around the cluster area all brought their best squads to take part in a 3 part group stage style event with each team playing 6 games across the afternoon with a place at the borough finals to play for. Games lasted 8 minutes each with no half times and were played at a very high pace all through the day.

Throughout the competition there was a clear sense of pride and respect for both the opposition and representing one’s own school. Teams showed good determination to win but with a resilience and graciousness in defeat. There was evidently a high level of respect towards the sports leaders who were refereeing the matches and a big thank you must go to the coaches and teachers for instilling this into the teams and for remining calm and letting the children play and make decisions on the pitch.

3 groups of 3 teams were drawn at random for the first group stage. Each team played the other 2 teams in their group before progressing to the second stage where each group contained a 1st place team, a 2nd placed team and a 3rd placed team from the 3 groups. 2 more games were then played to determine the final placings group. All the top placed teams in these groups moved into the Medal group with a Gold, Silver and Bronze place at stake. Similarly, all the 2nd placed teams moved in a group where the winner would take 4th place overall and progress to the borough finals!

In the Gold placing group, it was extremely close with SS Peter and Paul scoring the only goal versus Liberty and the other matches involving Malmesbury finishing 0 – 0. All 3 teams should be happy with their achievements and overall performances on the day. Cranmer grabbed 4th spot in the middle group with convincing wins v St. Teresa’s and Haslemere, both of which can be proud of their 5th and 6th place finishes. In the lower group, Abbotsbury showed stern resilience with 2 0-0 draws versus B teams from SSPP and St. T’s. A huge thanks to all schools for competing and we truly hope every player had a good experience on the day.

The final tables looked as follows:

Stage 1



Group A

Group B

Group C

HAS 0 – 1 SSPP A

CRA 0 – 0 SSPP B

MALM 2 – 0 ST T A

SSPP A 1 – 0 ST T B

SSPP B 0 – 1 LIB


HAS 0 – 1 ST T B

LIB 1 – 1 CRA

ABBO 0 – 0 ST T A

Stage 2



Group X

Group Y

Group Z

SSPP A 1 – 0 CRA

LIB 2 – 0 HAS

MALM 0 – 0 ST T B

ST T A 1 – 1 SSPP A

ABBO 1 – 1 LIB


CRA 1 – 0 ST T A

HAS 1 – 0 ABBO

ST T B 1 – 0 SSPP B

Stage 3






SSPP A 1 – 0 LIB

CRA 2 – 0 HAS

ST T A 0 – 0 ABBO

LIB 0 – 0 MALM

HAS 0 – 0 ST T B



CRA 1 – 0 ST T B

SSPP B 0 – 1 ST T A

Final Placings:

1 SS Peter and Paul A

2 Malmesbury

3 Liberty

4 Cranmer

5 Haslemere

6 St. Teresa’s B

7 St. Teresa’s A

8 Abbotsbury

9 SS Peter and Paul B

Congratulations to the top four schools SS Peter and Paul, Malmesbury, Liberty and Cranmer who will have the opportunity to progress and represent the Morden Cluster at the Borough Finals on Friday 3rd December 2021 at Farm Road Playing Field, Morden at 9.45am.

Well done also to Malmesbury Primary School for being voted the REFSPECT winners from their fellow schools and also a special mention to SS Peter and Paul for their respect during the day noticed by two of the HAMD sports leaders after the event. All nominations receive one point and winners receive three points that are added to their overall REFSPECT tally for the year.

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