on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 the Raynes Park Cluster Y3/4 Tag Rugby Mega Fest took place at Old Ruts RFC. Although the weather was considerably dryer than the previous weeks Y5/6 Tag Rugby Competition, there was still a bitterly cold wind blowing through the ground. This however did not dampen the children’s spirits with all attending schools itching to get started on arrival.

The format for this year was the same as last year where instead of all schools playing a series of non-competitive matches one after the other, players would again experience matches as well as some skilled based games such as Rob the Nest, Ball Tag and Break out Tag. The purpose of this was to enable those children who were not very familiar with the rules and skills required to play tag rugby to learn game understanding of the sport in a fun and engaging game based setting. Children could then take their newly developed skills and apply it in a match based scenario.

A total of 10 teams took part in the Megafest and children were given just over 10 minutes on each of the 5 stations before rotating in a carousel format. The skill games that were chosen were designed to help develop the children’s ability to recognise and utilise space in attack, how to coordinate a defensive line as well as demonstrating the importance of support play when attacking with the ball. All of these skills are vital in tag rugby and it was fantastic to see the children beginning to demonstrate these in their matches and grow in confidence and skill as the afternoon went on.

All schools should be incredibly proud of the effort and quality of rugby they were able to produce across all of the 5 stations. Furthermore, the level of sportsmanship demonstrated by all children was exceptional and helped to create a superb environment for the children to enjoy the afternoon. This was no more than demonstrated by the children from Merton Park Primary who were this festivals REFSPECT winners, after receiving the most votes out of all attending schools. Well done guys!

A huge thank you must go again to Old Ruts RFC for the use of their amazing facilities as well as a big thank you to the Y8 sports leaders from Rutlish School for their efforts in helping to run the festival. Thank you all.

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