The Raynes Park Cluster Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Megafest took place at Old Ruts RFC on Tuesday 29th March 2022. 11 teams from 10 different Raynes Park schools were in attendance, and all players were egar to get onto the pitch to showcase their rugby skills.

The format of the day was for each team to rotate through a carousel of  6different activities that comprised of both mini match pitches, as well as a series of tag rugby skill development games such as ‘Rob the Nest’, ‘Danger Mouse’ and ‘Octopus Crossing’. While each game was designed to be a lot of fun, they were also used to help develop the players, passing and catching skills, ability to find space, tagging skills, as well as to practice basic attack and defence tactics in a small team.

Despite not having the bright sunny conditions of the past few days for this festival, it was brilliant to see all players running around with huge smiles on their faces and really enjoying their rugby, and the quality of attacking rugby that was produced on the mini match pitches was absolutely outstanding. Well done all!

A special mention must go to our Refespect winners Sacred Heart Primary, who were voted unanimously by all other attending schools as demonstrating a fantastic attitude during the mini matches, and always wanting to shake hands with their opponents no matter the result. Congratulations guys!

I must also say a huge thank you to the Rutlish Sports Leaders for their efforts today in helping to run the skill games and refereeing.

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