We recognise that high-quality PE and access to extra-curricular sport play an important role in all children’s lives including those with disabilities and learning difficulties. Physical activity can have such a positive impact on a child’s health, social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure all young people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and those less engaged in physical activity have the opportunity to take part in high-quality physical education and have wider opportunities to participate within the community. We seek to build confidence and knowledge in our teachers and improve resources to make all PE inclusive for ALL pupils.

Our strategy

The Partnership has developed a draft ‘Inclusive PE and School Sport Strategy’ for Merton. The strategy provides our schools with the guidance and support they may need to deliver high-quality inclusive PE. It also seeks to enable our SEND young people to access more opportunities to participate in sport, festivals, competitions and physical activity.

Please download a copy of our Inclusive PE and School Sport Strategy below.

Inclusive sports and activity clubs

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Inclusive events 

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primary school events - 1/5 of the total events at Rio 2016
muscles it takes to smile - it takes 43 to frown!