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Dear All, after consultating with those staff members that attended PE Development Session 1, Due to the training being postponed from its orginal date back in November 2021, they have requested that Session 2 is pushed back by a few weeks. The training will now take place on Thursday 24th March instead of its original date of Thursday 3rd February 2022 to give the staff more time in between the training workshops. For those staff that were unable to attend the first session, we will be running a 5th Workshop later in the year (Date TBC), where we will repeat the Invasion Games Workshop so that all staff members have the opportnity of recieving this training.

These practical PE Development sessions will give NQT's a fantastic opportunity to share best practice and learn from PE specialists covering aspects of Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and organisational aspects of teaching PE as guided by AfPE. Delegates will look practically at the STEP principle (Space / Time / Task / Equipment / People), the National Curriculum, Assessment for Learning and Differentiation outlining Ofsted expectations PLUS will experience a variety of seasonal activities including Early Years, Gymnastics, Games, Fundamental Skills and Outdoor Education together with a bank of warm-up and review ideas.

Merton NQTs (For Merton NQT’s only)

Session 1: Thursday 20/01/22 - 12:30 - 15:30 (Invasion Games Focus)

Session 2: Thursday 24/03/22 - 12:30 - 15:30 (Inclusive PE Games and Teambuilding Activities)

Session 3: Thursday 21/04/22 - 12:30 - 15:30 (Dance Focus)

Session 4: Thursday 16/06/22 - 12:30 - 15:30 (Gymnastics Focus)

Session 5: Thursday (TBC) - 12:30 - 15:30 (Reapeat of Invasion Games for Staff that Missed Session 1)

Due to the obvious risks with COVID-19 still being prevalent in the Borough, we have asked all attendees to follow the following risk assessment measures that we need to put in place to ensure that we can make the session as safe as possible for all of those attending:

  1. All attendees will be asked to take a Lateral Flow Test the morning of the event.
  2. All attendees must not attend if they display any symptoms of Covid including a high a temperature or cough. 
  3. All attendees, that are not exempt, will be asked to wear a face covering whilst positioned less than 2m from other or using communal spaces (and not taking part in physical activity) as per government guidance. 
  4. All attendees will be asked to wash or sanitise their hands regularly and before and after taking part in any activities. 
  5. MSSP will provide hand sanitising stations. 
  6. All documentation for registration and information will be available electronically to avoid sharing paperwork such as registration pens and brochures.
  7. By attending, staff are confirming that they have completed all the necessary covid checks and if they do not give consent to have their pictures taken this should be emailed to the organiser in advance of the session.
  8. Equipment will be cleaned before the session starts and at the end of any set period of activity.
  9. We aim to group staff into bubbles for the event. We will put staff from the same schools together and ask bubbles to sit and work as teams together throughout the day to avoid cross infection with other school’s staff where possible.
  10. Whilst we will do our utmost to limit physical interaction with others, by the nature of the practical activities within team games (the topic for this training) this may not always be possible. Staff may of course refrain from physically taking part in any activity they do not feel comfortable taking part in due to covid or other reasons.
  11. During seated parts of the workshop, staff will be allocated seats with 1 – 2m distance from others.
  12. MSSP will provide first aiders and equipment.
  13. MSSP staff delivering the session will not wear masks due to the acoustics in the dome but will remain at least 2m from others.
  14. The venue comprises a 3 tennis court sized dome/bubble with high a ceiling which is vacuum pressured and air conditioned. There is not option to open windows or doors for additional ventilation. Please bring warm clothes should the temperature be low during the winter months. 
  15. We anticipate there will be a maximum of 36 staff from around 25 schools attending along with the MSSP team.

Could I please ask all schools to email me directly ( with the full list names of the staff members they are sending to the Workshop from their school by 17:00 on Tuesday 18th January 2022, so that I have an accurate register of who is attending the workshop and can plan the groups accordingly to fit alongside our risk assessment measures.

Booking Disclaimer

By registering onto a Merton PE Workshop or training event using our online course booking page, you have confirmed that those registered will attend the training. If delegates do not attend, you may still be charged full price for the course if the place cannot be filled. In some circumstances we may refund bookings in the form of course credit; however this is at the discretion of Merton PE.